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15 Ways To Join The Mermaid Craze

The mermaid trend is a brand new summer hype surrounding the mystical sea creature that is half girl half fish. However, this trend does not take the fish tail seriously; it is more inspired by the sea colours, shiny scales and being all round more creative with style in an under-water style. As featured in Vogue, this trend is being embraced by both males (merman?) and females. So if you want to get on this hype, her are 15 steps towards joining the mermaid craze.

mermaid-hairHair Chalk

If you want mermaid inspired hair, without being committed to keeping it for a long time or at risk of damage by dying it, then simply use hair chalk. You rub the chalk over your hair and can wash the colour out when you shower.

mermaid kylieHair Extensions

If you have dark hair where hair chalk won’t show up, then try using hair extension and achieve a Kylie Jenner style mermaid twist to your hair.

mermaid beardBeard Dye

This craze is not only for girls; if you fancy being a merman for the day then why not try making your hair look more mystical. This does not have to stop when it comes to facial hair either!

mermaid phoneMermaid Phone Case

While embracing the mermaid look, why not confirm you’re identity with your phone case.

mermaid heelsMermaid Heels

It is pretty unrealistic to think you can get by in everyday life wearing a huge fish tail (even if you wish you could!) so instead why not strut around in mermaid inspired heels. These bold stilettos will turn every Princes heads.

mermaid bikiniMermaid Bikini

What better time to embrace the mermaid style, then when you’re on the beach. This subtle mermaid style bikini is simple yet very stylish.

Mermaid Shell Top

If you aren’t brave enough for the real deal shell top yet, then why not start off with a shell detailed t shirt.

mermaid classMermaid Class

Yes, there is such thing as mermaid classes. These include wearing a large tail and diving in swimming pools. Check out if they are available at your local pool, whether you’re looking to have a day trial or a week intensive course to polish those fin skills.

mermaid eyeshadowEye Shadow

Experiment with those shimmering mermaid shades, this look will look incredible for those with green or blue eyes and will add a mermaid extra to any outfit for every occasion.

Mermaid Nails

Nail art has become huge and experimentation with patterns and polishes, can result in some extraordinary looking fingers. With a few simple greens, purples and blues you can transform your nails from meh to mermaid.

mermaid foil tattoo
Foil Tattoo

Foil tattoo’s are a huge craze this summer, so why not take both trends and choose a nautical style foil tattoo to pair with your mermaid bikini.

beach hair
Beach Hair Spray

A huge part of being a mermaid is having wavy mermaid hair; try using a beach hair product to add some volume and tousle to your hair to get those sea like waves.

curlingCurling Wand

If your hair is too thick, long or hard to handle, then try to achieve this look with a curling wand. Whether you’re male or female with hair short or long, you’re sure to get that mermaid wave.

mermaid pjamasMermaid Pyjamas

If you want to keep your mermaid style to yourself, then why not snuggle up in these adorable mermaid pyjamas.

Disney Little Mermaid

Of course, our favourite mermaid of all needed a mention! Nothing sounds better than curling up in your mermaid pyjamas, taking tips from Ariel herself!


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