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What’s Going To Happen With Ant And Dec’s TV Shows Now?

Ant and Dec have long been an inseparable pair. Their illustrious career in TV has seen them host some of the country’s biggest shows together, with them always working as a duo and never as individuals. However, Ant’s recent drink-driving arrest has put the duo’s future in doubt and has affected their TV shows, as they’ll be down a host for an unknown amount of time. Here’s what may happen to their shows now that one half of the nation’s most popular hosting duo is going to be out of action for a while.

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway

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When Ant was arrested, there were three episodes of the current series still to air. The fifth episode was cancelled, while the sixth and seventh have been confirmed to be airing. Dec will, however, be hosting the show by himself – the first time either one of the duo has hosted a full live TV programme on their own. Segments featuring Ant before his arrest will be shown and the grand final, set to take place at Universal Studios Orlando, will be going ahead as planned. There are rumours that Dec may have a co-host or even a few rotating co-hosts throughout each episode, though it seems more likely he’ll just front the show solo.

Britain’s Got Talent

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The duo had already filmed the audition stages for the upcoming 12th series, set to start on April 14. These will most likely be shown in full, as they can’t be reshot, plus they can’t exactly edit Ant out unless they edit Dec out as well. Nothing’s been said about the live shows – Dec could, of course, host the shows by himself, or he could have help. It’s rumoured that he’ll be doing it on his own, since with a show like this, the pair have more of a traditional hosting role that a single person could easily do without help.

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here

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The problem with this show in particular is that a lot of what makes it so great is the banter between Ant and Dec, more so than the duo’s other shows. It isn’t set to film until November, so that’s plenty of time for Ant to recover in rehab, but there’s every chance he may not have recovered by then. With the other two shows, Ant had already filmed much of his overall role in each respective series before the arrest, whereas I’m A Celebrity… is over half a year away. Dec could host it solo, but it would be a very different show if he did. He could have a co-host or a different one each episode, but again it would be a very different show. The pair are a key part of what makes the show so popular – take just one of them and the show isn’t the same, no matter who the replacement co-host might be.

The future

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Back in 2016, Ant and Dec signed a ‘golden handcuffs’ deal with ITV worth £30 million. This deal keeps the pair on air until 2019 and, once complete, will have seen them work with ITV for some 21 years. However, if Ant isn’t able to get back on his feet, it could affect the ratings of the three shows mentioned above – they include some of the channel’s biggest – and it may well affect the duo’s ability to negotiate another contract. Everyone of course hopes Ant pulls through it, but there’s a lot at stake if he isn’t able to.

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