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7 Life Skills You Didn’t Expect Minecraft To Teach Your Kids – Never Thought About #7

Parents are often skeptical when their child or teenager spends an entire afternoon sitting in front of the computer screen, but take not – Minecraft is so much more than a video game and we’re here tell to you about all the wonderful benefits it can offer your mini-me:

1. Science & Mathematics

Don’t tell your kids this, but Minecraft actually teaches those vital subjects needed for a solid career in the future. Building a decent base requires perfect symmetry, which means that players must calculate exactly how many blocks they are going to need. Plus, by making different resources available, from cobblestone to sandstone to obsidian to glass blocks, players get to understand the benefits and hindrances to each material (which is more than your old LEGO set ever did). These unique abilities could mark the path for a generation of future engineers, mechanics and industrial designers!

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2. Planning

Anyone who’s been playing Minecraft for a while knows you can’t just start putting one block on top of the other willy-nilly. To make the perfect base you must plan very carefully, starting with choosing the ideal location which won’t attract too many creepers and zombies. Then you must decide how big you want your base to be, depending on how many resources are available. Kids who learn how to make plans like these are more likely to be prepared, causing them to be less overwhelmed in future events.

3. Teamwork

Since Minecraft is crawling with multi-player maps and servers, players will come across a variety of different people who will all have a variety of skills and ideas. Children must work together if they want to build the best structures and landscapes, or fight off those pesky cave spiders. Sure, not everyone is going to have the same opinions, but learning how to compromise and overcome conflict is one of the best skills to take into the real world.

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4. Creativity

Minecraft gives children total freedom in how they play the game. There are no rules or storylines to follow. Instead, players must use their imaginations to guide where the game will take them. Some like to spend their time decorating their houses, while others like to go exploring different portals such as the Nether and the Deep Dark! These creative skills will allow our kids to develop their artistic side, which could lead on to a career in design, marketing or illustration.

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5. Perseverance

Believe it or not, Minecraft isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes it takes a lot of hard work and repetition to build the more complicated structures, and it often can take hours to complete. This is fantastic for children because it lets them realize that iteration and sustained effort is an important part of work.

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6. Problem-Solving

Things don’t always run smoothly in the Overworld. Lots of things can go wrong, from your Netherrack fireplace burning your house down, to a TNT explosion destroying your entire base! But where there’s a problem, there’s an eager child just waiting to solve. Minecraft gives our little ones the chance to try out different methods and learn from their mistakes, which are needed qualities in the real world.

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7. Programming

The game now has an add-on feature called LearnToMod, which teaches players to program and develop their own Minecraft “mods”, which includes making different tools and optimizations such as a rope bridge mod or a tool to make building faster. This feature uses software similar to Flash and JavaScript, making it easy for kids to pick up and attain key programming skills. Minecraft could, in fact, help your child to develop and code chart-topping games of their own one day!


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