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The 5 Greatest Movies For Music Enthusiasts On Netflix

Netflix is a never ending minefield of different genres and wildly different qualities of films. Sometimes when you’re scrolling through the list that never ends, it can be a little bit baffling and overwhelming. If you’re passionate about music though, we’ve got you covered by collecting the best music films that are currently streaming on the site for you to wrap your eyes and ears around. From the chaotic psychedelia of The Beatles in A Hard Day’s Night, to the notorious feud between rappers Biggie and Tupac, there’s a little something for everybody here. Check out the greatest movies for music enthusiasts on Netflix right now.

Keith Richards – Under The Influence

You don’t even need to be particularly fond of The Rolling Stones to enjoy this feature length documentary on its arguably most iconic member, but it’ll obviously help. The seemingly indestructible Keith Richards doesn’t pull any punches when speaking about the rises and falls throughout his career as one of the most recongnisable and adored rock stars on the planet. He talks mistakes, Mick Jagger and the toll that a life of touring the world and excess can have on you both physically and mentally. It’s fascinating stuff, and Richards oozes with never ending coolness throughout as he messes around in the studio with his guitar.

The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night

If you’re a fan of The Beatles, then this is pretty much essential viewing to be done at your earliest convenience. It’s put together in a mock documentary style, following a day in the life of Ringo, Paul, John and George. It’s filled with wonderfully any scenarios and great music from the iconic band’s extensive collection, as well as some hilariously hammy acting from all members of the group that’ll leave you chuckling away. There’s a standout scene where the rest of the band lose Ringo (the second best drummer in The Beatles) when he gets himself into a spot of bother with the authorities.

Biggie and Tupac

Highly acclaimed British documentary film maker Nick Broomefield dives head first into the mysteries and ambiguities that surround the deaths of two of the most iconic figures in hip-hop-hop history, Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. The movie refuses to leave any stone unturned and is littered with dark shades and controversial moments. With some exclusive and quite shocking testimonies from those closes to both hugely influential artists, it’ll definitely leave you with a lot to think about when the credits finally roll. Broomfield’s clear passion for a subject so close to so many music fan’s hearts is truly effective, and his approach to uncovering secrets is incredibly compelling.


Kurt Cobain – Montage Of Heck

There’s been a bunch of documentaries throughout the years focusing on the life and death of one of alternative rock’s most influential figures, Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain. But nothing comes close to Montage Of Heck. Combining never before seen footage of Kurt’s most intimate moments and extracts from his extensive diary collections and poetry, the film allows the viewer to transport themselves into the psyche of an incredibly gifted but wildly troubled artist. Using beautiful visuals and animated segments throughout, this is just as much a piece of art as it is a document of the aspects of life that led to Kurt’s untimely death at the tender age of 27.

Into The Wild

While this isn’t strictly a film about music, Eddie Vedder’s soundtrack adds a great deal to Sean Penn’s directorial debut, Into The Wild. Vedder’s ukelele and acoustic tracks burst with hope and optimism as the film follows the real life story of Christopher McCandless, a gifted student and athlete who separated himself from society after graduating university and vegan to life off the grid. It’s a truly astounding tale of one man’s choice to cut himself off from the norm and embark on a journey that many of us dream of as we twiddle our thumbs at desks in an office. The soundtrack is glorious, and the film will stay with you for quite some time when the incredibly moving conclusion comes.

What Happened, Miss Simone?

This Oscar nominated documentary will make you realise how little you actually knew about the deep and dark life that shaped the beautiful talents of superstar Nina Simone. Prepare to have your heart broken.

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