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Most Compelling Reasons Why Elder Scrolls Online is a Terrible Disappointment

We all want Elder Scrolls 6 aka Skyrim 2. It’s what we’ve been waiting years for! Skyrim was released back in 2011 by Bethesda and it was (and still is) a masterpiece. Sadly, it doesn’t look like we’re going to get that sequel any time soon after the announcement of Fall Out 4 – the studio just won’t have the time at the moment. So with Skyrim 2 probably not getting released till around 2018, Bethesda did have a compensation prize for all the Elder Scolls fans – Elder Scrolls Online for Xbox One/Ps4.

The problem with this is, well, it’s just not Skyrim, which is very disappointing. Here’s why:

1. It’s not very pretty

Elder Scrolls Online game
via Twinfinite.net

From the trailers Elder Scrolls Online looked beautiful. Detailed landscapes, beautiful beasts and impressive architecture. When you actually play it, though, you’re in for a shock. This is nowhere near as pretty as Skyrim. It’s Oblivion 2.0.

2. The menu isn’t as slick

Elder Scrolls Online play
via Esouniverse.com

Perhaps a case of not liking change, but there’s no denying that the new menu system in Elder Scrolls online is lacklustre. It’s not more complex, it’s just more clunky and hard to navigate. Very annoying.

3. Which means you can’t find anything in your inventory

Elder Scrolls Online game
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See that fancy sword you just looted? Can you find it anywhere? No. Could you find it really easy in Skyrim? Yes!

4. The skills tree is annoying

Elder Scrolls Online
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The skills tree in Elder Scrolls online is a pain. It’s hard to navigate. It’s complicated. It doesn’t flow. Oh do we miss the Skyrim menu.

5. Magic isn’t as fun

Elder Scrolls Online levels
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In Skyrim magic was equipped on your hands making you feel like an all-powerful mage who could burn/freeze anything they liked. In Elder Scrolls Online you can only assign magic to a button and only press that button when the game suggests it. So now you’re a heavily controlled mage.

6. You upgrade for new magic rather than learn it

Elder Scrolls Online
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To learn magic in Skyrim you had to read Spell Tomes. It was whimsical and satisfying. In Elder Scrolls Online you press a button after trying to navigate the menu.

7. The quest map is also confusing

Elder Scrolls Online
via Gameinformer.com

It appears that when you acquire a quest in Elder Scrolls Online it will add an arrow to your navigation bar if you like it or not. Even by choosing an active quest, there are still lots of arrows pointing you in different directions so you get lost very easy.

8. Conversations feel less interactive

Elder Scrolls Online players
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In Skyrim you felt like you were actually holding a conversation with others. Here it feels like quest characters talk at you, leaving you feeling disconnected from the action.

9. It’s harder to interact with non-quest characters

Elder Scrolls Online
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In Skyrim it felt like you could talk to anyone, here it feels like you’re only allowed to talk to people who want something. Maybe we smell more in Elder Scrolls Online…

10. There’s other players running around

Elder Scrolls Online multiplayer
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If you’re used to playing online multiplayers then this might not be too annoying. But for those used to playing Skyrim or Oblivion where it’s only you, this is torturous. It’s hard to feel special when the person you’re talking to for a mission is also talking to 8 other players.

11. At the start other players are running around in their pants

Elder Scrolls Online multiplayer game
via Reddit.com

They’ve probably not worked out the menu yet. Nevertheless it’s distracting and annoying.

12. Everyone has a little lizard pet following them

Elder Scrolls Online lizard
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Called a Scuttler, you got it free with one of the pre-orders. Everyone is running round with one of these – again you don’t feel special.

13. Other players can kill your kill

Elder Scrolls Online multiplayer game
via Gamebreaker.tv

You get into a nasty fight with a local beast, you spend ages fighting it and just as you’re about to swing the final blow some other player runs up and kills it. It might seem kind to some but really that’s just annoying.

14. Looting isn’t as fun

Elder Scrolls Online looting
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Looting in Skyrim was fun. You could run up to any kill and steal all their stuff. It’s just not the same in Elder Scrolls Online.

15. Lockpicking is less rewarding

Elder Scrolls Online
via Nocookie.net

It’s just not Skyrim fun.

16. If you want nice stuff you have to buy it

Elder Scrolls Online
via Justpushstart.com

Rather than looting your way to grandeur and nice horses, you have to buy them. With your own cash rather than looted gold. Alright for those with money to spare, the rest of us less so.

17. It’s not Skyrim

via Eurogamer.net

It really isn’t Skyrim, which is a shame. Who’s for playing Skyrim again?

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