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20 Things That Prove You’re Still a Devoted Harry Potter Fan

20 Things That Prove You’re Still a Devoted Harry Potter Fan
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Being a devoted Harry Potter fan is more than just “liking the books and stuff”. Being a devoted Harry Potter fan is a way of life.

1. You can’t remember how many times you’ve read the books

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Harry Potter fans have read the books more than once. Devoted fans have lost count.

2. You still bubble every time you read the books

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You know that death is coming but the tears still come.

3. You frown upon the films

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They miss out loads from the books. They even change stuff! Barty Crouch Jnr is still a sore point.

4. But you still love the films

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Because they are still Harry Potter and we love everything about Harry Potter.

5. You tell your friends the film’s flaws while you watch them

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Because you like to channel your Hermione Granger know-it-all attitude.

6. You went to all the midnight film showings in cosplay

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You didn’t care if no one else was dressed up.

7. But then you also dressed up for the midnight sale of the new books

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Who doesn’t remember queuing outside WH Smith desperate for that new book!

8. You spent all day reading the new book without putting it down

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You HAD to know what happened before all your friends.

9. But you had to read all the previous books first

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Because you had to ensure all they were fresh in your mind.

10. You now know the books so well that you can quote them

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Much to the horror of all your friends.

11. You still look for that owl with your Hogwarts letter

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Despite the fact you’re 26 and have a grown-up job.

12. You’ve given yourself your own Hogwarts education

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And now you know all the spells by heart.

13. You also know what your form your patronus would take

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And you’ve daydreamed about it charging down people who annoy you.

14. You given serious consideration to what your wand would be

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10 inches, ash with a phoenix core.

15. When you saw that wand remote on Big Bang Theory…

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And your world changed forever.

16. When you introduced your other half to your best friend

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And they looked confused when you showed them your Harry Potter books. Yes, Harry Potter is your best friend.

17. You dream about being proposed to with a Harry Potter ring

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It will prove that your other half is truly your soulmate.

18. You’ve got your Harry Potter wedding planned on Pinterest

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Who cares if you’re single!

19. You want to own a house with a cupboard under the stairs

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You might even put a little bed in there.

20. You can’t wait to introduce Harry Potter to your own kids

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Because you want to share the magic Harry Potter brought you when you were a child.



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