7 Bizarre Celeb Conspiracy Theories That People Actually Believe In


Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory. Whether it’s that Megan Fox is a clone or that Chuck Norris is a time-travelling Vincent Van Gogh, urban myths can be pretty entertaining. Still, no matter how silly some conspiracy theories get, there will always be someone willing to believe them. Here are seven bizarre celeb conspiracy theories you’ll be surprised to find people actually think are real.


1. Prince Charles isn’t Harry’s biological father

James Hewitt was a former household cavalry officer in the British Army who claimed to have had an affair with Princess Diana from 1986 to 1991. A lot of people believe that he is Prince Harry’s biological father, because they look a lot more alike than Harry and Charles do. Admittedly, we can see the resemblance. The red hair is a bit of a giveaway…

Via celebdirtylaundry.com


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