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10 Hilarious Christmas Fails that Will Beat Yours Down

With the hectic time Christmas is, there are some things that are bound to go wrong! From wrapping, lights, the food or even what you wear over the festive period, we have found the ultimate Christmas seasonal fails! They all probably started with great festive intentions but somewhere along the line went very wrong; check them out here.

Lights Fail

via imgur.com

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition, but this neighbor has given up on the idea of even trying this year, has admitted defeat and just agreed with the next door household! Ultimate fail but a lot of respect to them!

Bushy Hair Day

via pinterest.com
via pinterest.com

Christmas trees should stay Christmas trees and hair should never be green (unless you’re Kylie Jenner!). This is the ultimate non-glam Christmas look… don’t take tips!

Edible Manger Scene

via facebook.com
via facebook.com

We have to draw the line at gingerbread houses, other edible pieces of architecture should not be allowed and most definitely an edible manger scene!

Autocorrect Accidents

via cash4laughs.com
via cash4laughs.com

We’ve all had those awkward autocorrect moment’s but this is next level! Satan and Santa are very different characters making this text a huge fail.

Wacky Waistcoat

via tumblr.com
via tumblr.com

There’s bad taste Christmas jumpers that everyone gets involved in and wears maybe twice over the Christmas season and then there’s this! This whole outfit is just terrible and far too festive!

All I Want For Christmas…

via jokeslaugh.com
via jokeslaugh.com

Well this is slightly awkward! All I want for Christmas is a divorce takes a slightly different turn from the original lyrics and really isn’t very Christmassy at all… fail!


via stopgag.co.uk
via stopgag.co.uk

The phrase ‘at least you tried’ springs to mind right here! The reindeer created are barely recognisable compared to the professional ones!

Bare Tree

via facebook.com
via facebook.com

With an advert stating lighting, its extremely disappointing just how dull this tree is, and as for the one on the right… they are both complete, slightly depressing, fails!

Christmas Kitty

via humourpets.com
via humourpets.com

Forgot to buy any presents, its fine just wrap the cat! What better gift than the family pet that everyone loves haha, the cat doesn’t look too happy about the situation though!

Inflated Decor

via Pinterest.com
via Pinterest.com

Why buy one inflatable when you can buy all the inflatables ever created, right? This one has to be the ultimate Christmas fail.

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