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Celebrities With Hair Transplants

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Unfortunately for many of us, hair loss is an unavoidable part of growing up and getting old. As time progresses, the more famous celebrities too are going to lose hair in 2020 and our head of hair becomes less fuller and we start noticing that more and more hairs are falling out as well. Thankfully in this day and age, there are solutions that can help reverse hair loss and prevent people from going bald. It goes also same with the celebrities but they find lasting solutions. These solutions, unfortunately, can be quite costly. For the rich and famous, the cost of hair loss treatments isn’t so much of a problem. Here are some of the many celebrities who have undergone hair transplants

Elton John

via Thesun.co.uk

Throughout the heyday of Elton John’s career in the 70s and 80s, his head of hair was becoming noticeably thinner. Though he’s never actually confirmed it himself, it’s pretty obvious that he’s undergone at least one sort of treatment to replenish his hair and give him a more youthful look.

Naomi Campbell

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When your entire career is based on your looks, it goes without saying that hair problems can be devastating. It should come as no surprise that supermodel Naomi Campbell has resorted to hair transplants to fix problems she’s had with hair thinning.

Jude Law

best celeb hair transplants -2020
via Mirror.co.uk

When you compare the before photo on the left with the after photo on the right, it’s safe to say Jude Law has had something done to restore his hair. The actor has had a receding hairline for quite some time, so it was likely he was going to do something about it sooner or later.

Wayne Rooney

wayne rooney hair transplants
via Landmarkhair.com

Professional footballer Wayne Rooney has long been known for not exactly having a full head of hair. He’s been open about problems he’s had with his hair and has admitted to having procedures. He’s undoubtedly one of the biggest names in football to come out and admit to not only having hair problems, but also going under the knife to get them sorted.

Mel Gibson

mel gibson hair transplants
via Babbletop.com

For most of his acting career, Mel Gibson hasn’t really had a problem with his hair. However, in recent years his hair has started to thin somewhat. Thanks to whatever procedure he’s had done, he now has a fuller, more voluminous head of hair.

Jack P. Shepherd

Jack Shepherd hair transplant
via Huffingtonpost.co.uk

The Coronation Street actor openly admitted to undergoing a hair transplant to stave off baldness and thinning. The procedure the 31-year-old underwent brought his receded hairline forward and made his hair a lot thicker. He decided to get something done after insomnia and stress had both caused hair loss to escalate.

Gordon Ramsay

best celebrity hair transplants
via Mirror.co.uk

It’s thought that Gordon Ramsay had a procedure carried out on his hair not to restore it, but to keep what was already there. The professional chef and TV personality was in his mid-40s when he reportedly had a procedure done to prevent the natural thinning of hairs that men of around his age tend to get.


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