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Can You Believe These Sci-Fi Technologies Actually Exist Now!

A lot of Sci-Fi films when we were kids often had technologies in them that we never thought would actually become reality or would only ever be real when we were very old. However, technology is growing more quicker and quicker and developing at an incredible rate. A rate that means new amazing technology is coming out every single day. We decided to have a look at some of the coolest technology that we have today and even some technology that the younger generation now take for granted that was only ever a dream when we were kids.

Eye-Scanning Recognition

Via tuicool.com
Via tuicool.com

Something that Google and a few other Chinese phone manufacturers are going to look to implement within the security of their phones over the next year or so is the idea of retina-scanning passcodes. This will mean that you can use your eyes to unlock your phone which is simply outstanding and definitely something from some amazing futuristic spy films of old.

Finger Print Scanners

Via businessinsider.com
Via businessinsider.com

This one is quite a recent one but one that is blowing up quickly within the world of portable devices. Some laptops have had fingerprint scanners for a while but the Apple iPhone definitely made the technology mainstream when it bought it to the iPhone 5S and then the Apple iPad Air 2. Now many Google phones have the technology implemented and it is becoming quicker and smoother with every device introduced.


Via giazmag.com
Via giazmag.com

This one is quite an obvious one but remember when Dick Tracy used to talk to and interact wit his watch? That is more than possible these days. We can ask questions, call people, check information, read emails and so much more from our wrists these days. The technology is still fairly new but the likes of Motorola and Apple are really bringing smart watches into the mainstream by making some beautiful houses.

Screens with 3D Technologies

Via 3dtvreviewshq.files.wordpress.com
Via bushlcdtv.co.uk

For a few years now we’ve seen screens that implement 3d technology which would have seemed crazy as kids. If you’d told us as kids that when we were in our 20s, you could easily spend $7.50 to go to the movies and watch a film that’ll have you ducking and dodging flying parts we’d have wowed in your face. We’ve also got the technology in our homes on TVs, Nintendo Devices and even some phones.

Virtual Reality

Via gamespot.com
Via gamespot.com

Something else that’s making huge strides is the advancements in Virtual Reality. Under this, we also mean Augmented Reality. Virtual Reality is where the whole world is changed and your movements and head rotations affect everything whereas augmented reality is where you’re in the real world and computer-implemented objects interact with real worldly things. Oculus Rift, Microsoft and HTC are making huge strides in this area and we are expecting to see this technology hit homes within the next year or so. That was literally something you’d see in Sci-Fi films and The Sims as kids!

Google Glass

Via en.wikipedia.org
Via en.wikipedia.org

Google Glass is an absolutely amazing idea that brings a computer to your eyeball.. almost. There have been many films that utilise the idea of having glasses that when put on can you more information on an overlay of the world in front of you. Yet to really hit the mainstream due to style issues, we really hope to see this technology take off when Google relaunch their new Google Glass programme next year.

Self-Driving Cars

Via giphy.com
Via giphy.com

Sci-Fi films often depicted cars that could fly and would fly by themselves. Cars aren’t exactly going to be flying anytime soon due to the simple fact that there are many laws and political problems with the idea. However, autonomous cars are nearly here and we think they’re going to stay. Google have been making absolutely massive strides in the area, really convincing political bodies of the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles.

Smart Homes

Via yourcloudworks.co.uk
Via yourcloudworks.co.uk

We’ve all seen a movie that had a house that responded to voice or that changed the heating based on the needs of the owner. However, we now live in a world where you can automate lights, heating, door locks, garage locks and much more on your home right from your computer, wrist or phone. It’s amazing if you can get it all working around you.

Voice-Controlled Technology

Via giphy.com
Via giphy.com

Being able to command your technology around you with your voice is really quite an impressive feat. Being able to make your Xbox open Netflix by asking it to or Ask your Android phone how old Barrack Obama is and it give you written and spoken responses. Additionally being able to call people or set reminders with Siri is amazing. Many operating systems are now implementing voice recognition as they look to make using your devices easier and as hands-free more than ever.


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