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11 Adverts That Were So Terrible You Screamed At the TV! – #5 was Worst

TV ads will do anything to get our attention, even if that means to driving us to the point where we’re screaming, cursing and scrambling for the remote! Here is a list of the most annoying or just downright WRONG TV commercials we’ve ever seen.

Go Compare

Let’s start with the obvious. This HAS to be the most aggravating song in the history of advertising. It’s not that we don’t like opera, we just don’t like it in our ears every fifteen minutes, every day of our lives!


Haribo Super Mix

And the award for the cheesiest advert of all time goes to… Seriously, what is wrong with this family? Have the kids walked straight from the set of Barney? And why doesn’t the mother have her own solo?

Diet Coke w/ Duffy

We don’t see Duffy around much these days, and it’s probably due to this advert. Aside from the fact her sheep-like vocals gave us all ear-ache, she’s not wearing a helmet or a reflective jacket and that’s just shameful!

Kelly Holmes’ Kelloggs

Dame Kelly Holmes should really stick to what should does best, which is athletics, and NOT acting! While she gets respect for promoting healthy cereal, Kelly was blasted for her ‘wooden’ performance. Take a look…

Boots ‘Here Come the Girls’

The advert was supposed to get women excited about makeup, but what it really did was make women want to smash their TV sets. The moment those annoying trumpets kicked in, we were out the door.

Halifax ‘Isa Isa Baby’

When Halifax ditched the lovable Howard and replaced him with a mediocre pun, it was always headed in for disaster. Just look at that smug face of that woman while she destroys Vanilla Ice’s career! (Technically, they ripped off Queen and Bowie’s ‘Under Pressure’, so maybe karma?)



We don’t know the ins and outs of multi-surface cleaners, but what we do know is that Barry Scott LOVES TO SHOUT! It’s true, in all the Cillit Bang adverts over the years, his voice has never fallen below 80 decibels. Let’s just take a second to think about his poor kids, dreading the night when it’s daddy’s turn to read the bedtime story!


Cadbury Crispello

Cadbury got weird in 2013 when they took a more ‘adult’ approach to selling chocolate. The idea was suggesting that chocolate brings out your naughty side, which ended up with a young lady wanting to undress her boyfriend’s father. Unfortunately, it was more disturbing than humourous.

Lelli Kelly

Described at the “Go Compare of the Nick channel”, Lelli Kelly manages to turn us all against sweet, little girls by the power of song. The worst part is the pretend phone conversation in the middle…

Funky Pigeon.com

This commercial, along with MoonPig (because they’re practically the same thing), has one of those irritable tunes that will stay in your head all day if you don’t manage to switch the channel in time.

Safestyle UK ‘BOGOF’

Finally, we’ll leave you with a remix of one of the most infuriating slogans in British TV history. Trust him, it’s free fitting!



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