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15 Awesome Free Things To Do In 2016 – #11 is so Exciting!

Frugal living is quickly becoming a popular trend, which is great as we are learning to save money and entertain ourselves for less. However, frugal living doesn’t necessarily need to be boring and dull. The list below are a few ideas of free activites, which can be super amusing projects and ways to make 2016 the best year.

  1. Museums – nearly all cities have numerous museums to visit, for example the Natural History museum in London, National Football Museum in Manchester, National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and World Museum in Liverpool to name a few.

  2. Parks – What is better on a beautiful day to grab a picnic blanket, make a few sandwiches and have a lovely picnic in the park? Feeding the birds, taking a stroll, enjoying the play area, perhaps a kick about with friends.
  3. Kite Flying – This depends on you having a kite tucked away, but can provide hours of entertainment, for both kids and big kids alike.

  4. Bike Riding – Dig out your old bike and helmet and take a long ride. Not only will you be travelling completely for free, you will also simultaneously be getting fit. Win Win.
  5. Running Group – A lot of councils have running groups you can join completely for free. Have a look on your council’s website to see where your nearest meet up point is.
  6. Fruit Picking – We’ve all seen the movies, where strawberry picking looks so fun (and delicious!) but have we done it? Mainly no. A quick Google search will show you a load of results of free fruit picking areas near you.

  7. Netflix in bed – Start the new TV series you’ve been putting off you 3979302 weeks.
  8. Spring cleaning (and gain money!) – Clear out the old books, CD’s, VCR’s, cassette’s, clothes or whatever you have laying around and never use anymore! With sites like Music Magpie, Ziffit and Ebay you can sell them and make a little cash too.
  9. Volunteering – Great on the CV, for the soul and can be so rewarded. Not all volunteering is soup kitchens. You can help in hospitals, old people’s homes, animal care, therapy and so much more.
  10. Visit your local library – Reading a great book is an unforgettable. Why buy when you can visit a library and borrow a book for free.

    Sue Blackwell
  11. Learn a new skill – Juggling, knitting, magic eye, holding your breath for 2 minutes, reciting the alphabet backwards flawlessly, learn a language. Whatever it is, make it a reality.
  12. Digital photography – Use a digital device to take photos, and then edit them to make masterpieces. Check out tutorials and advice to master some truly amazing shots.
  13. Start Geocaching – This is a cool virtual treasure map. All you need to do is follow the link to locate some treasure near you and use your phone’s GPS as a map to locate the hidden vessel! Remember to take something to refill the vessel with.
  14. Nap – Simple. So good.

  15. Start scrapbooking – May sound lame, but if you dedicate yourself with your partner/friends/family and store all memories and keepsakes it makes such a great present, or way to look back on great times.

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