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8 Facts About Chocolate Spread Nutella that You Didn’t Know

Is there anything in the world greater than Nutella? We seriously doubt it. Just give us a jar and a spoon and we’ll be very happy.

Do you love Nutella too? Well you might like these delicious facts about our favourite spread:

1. You can thank Hitler for the invention of Nutella!

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Yes, you read it right. Nutella is in our lives because of Hitler. During World War II the price of chocolate sky-rocketed meaning chocolatiers had to create a plan to stretch their dwindling chocolate supplies. So Italian pastry maker Pietro Ferrero (recognise the name?) decided to mix chocolate with hazelnuts so the chocolate lasted longer. The substance, which was called Pasta Gianduja at the time, became Nutella in 1964.

2. Were you a victim of The Smearing?

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Market stalls took advantage of the popularity of Nutella by holding a “free smear” campaign. They offered a free swipe of Nutella to any child who brought a slice of bread to their stall.

3. Nutella use up 25% of the world’s hazelnut supply

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That’s a LOT of nuts. But we’d give Nutella all of our hazelnuts if it meant more Nutella.

4. There’s a national Nutella day

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And it is the greatest day in the year! Created in 2007 by two Nutella super-fans, February 5th is Nutella day. Now run by Nutella, the day allows fellow fans of the chocolate spread to exchange recipes, photographs and generally make friends.

5. A jar of Nutella sells every 2.5 seconds

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And that’s not just us buying it… No wonder Nutella get through so many hazelnuts a year.

6. Do you know what that equates to in spreadage?

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If you took all the Nutella that is sold a year and spread it out you could spread over 1000 football pitches. Which sounds much more exciting than watching non-Nutella football.

7. We’ve all been pronouncing it wrong…

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It’s not nuh-tel-aa it’s new-tell-uh. But really, who cares. Let’s just stuff it all in our mouths!

8. There is actually Nutella related crime

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No, we don’t mean that it’s a crime when there’s no Nutella on the shelves – actual crime! In 2013 5.5 tonnes of Nutella was stolen in Germany. The sneaky thieves stole it from a parked truck!

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