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Albums That Never Got Released And Why

A lot goes into making a typical studio album. You have to write it, record it, polish it off, release it, promote it and eventually tour it – then do it all again for every subsequent album you decide to release. But there are some albums that – for one reason or another – get stuck at some point during the development process and never actually receive a full release. Here are eight of them and the reasons why they don’t appear in artists’ official discographies.

Digital Distortion by Iggy Azalea

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Iggy Azalea’s second album was originally meant to come out in early 2016, soon after the release of lead single ‘Team’. However, the album ended up getting pushed back further and further, with potential release dates coming and going with no album to speak of. Two more singles were released in 2017, though Iggy herself mentioned that the album would be receiving no further promotion. It still hasn’t been officially released and doesn’t look like it’s going to become available any time soon. Fans think the album’s been scrapped because of the singles’ poor reception and the fact that Iggy has attracted a lot of negative attention in the media.

Amy Winehouse’s third studio album

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After the release of critically acclaimed second album Back to Black, Amy spent several years working on her third album. Her untimely death in 2011 meant that the unfinished album would never be released under her terms. However, since her death her record label put together a compilation album Lioness: Hidden Treasures, consisting of demos and unreleased songs. The third album Winehouse wanted to release will, sadly, never be completed.

The Original Doll by Britney Spears

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Britney was going to release an album called The Original Doll as her fifth album after In The Zone, though it never saw the light of day and she ended up releasing Blackout as her fifth album instead. It was never officially confirmed why the album never saw a release, but there are a few fan theories as to why. Some think it was due to Britney’s pregnancy and her chaotic personal life at the time, while others think it was due to the record label not liking the material and wanting Britney to wait a bit before releasing more material to the public.

Be A Fighter by Amelia Lily

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Amelia Lily landed a record deal after coming third on X Factor back in 2011. The following year, she went on to release several singles: her first, ‘You Bring Me Joy’ actually reached number two in the charts, but the next two did progressively worse. In the end, the album, which actually had proper cover art and a full track listing, was shelved, most likely because of the poor performance of the second and third singles.

Adele’s third album before 25

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Adele’s second album 21 broke all sorts of records and sold a ridiculous number of copies around the world. When it came to writing and recording her subsequent third album, Adele originally focused on the theme of being a mother. She recorded enough songs to make a full-length album but scrapped them because she thought doing an album about being a mother was boring. One of the songs ‘Alive’, which she wrote with Sia, would go on to be released as a single by Sia.

Katy Perry’s unreleased first album

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Before releasing first album One of the Boys, Katy had recorded a full album, though it was decided that the material wasn’t right to launch her career. She ended up scrapping the album and starting again, though one song from the unreleased album, ‘Hook Up’, ended up getting recorded and released by Kelly Clarkson.

It’s Never Enough by Drake

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Rapper Drake was set to release the mixtape It’s Never Enough, which would have showcased his singing abilities, as opposed to his rapping ones. The mixtape never got released because Drake decided to focus his attention on his then upcoming album Take Care instead.

Her Name Is Nicole by Nicole Scherzinger

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After The Pussycat Dolls disbanded, lead singer Nicole Scherzinger tried to launch a solo career. She released a few singles, but they only received a lukewarm reception and the planned solo album, Her Name Is Nicole, was eventually scrapped because of this. She did, however, manage to release two solo albums, Killer Love and Big Fat Lie, several years later.

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