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8 Of The Most Amazing Places You Won’t Believe Are Actually In Britain

We all love a good holiday, but having a holiday at home can be just as worthwhile as going overseas. Here are 8 amazing places you would assume are in other countries but can actually be found right here in Britain.

  1. Shetland

via Shetland.org
via Shetland.org

You don’t have to travel to Norway to see the Northern Lights. If you’re lucky enough, you can see them during the winter in Shetland, an archipelago that lies northeast of Britain and is part of Scotland. It’s closer to the Arctic than any other part of the British Isles.

2. Bidean nam Bian

via Glencoemountaineer.blogspot.com
via Glencoemountaineer.blogspot.com

You might mistake this mountain for something in the Himalayas, but it’s actually in Glen Coe, Scotland. The mountain is very popular with mountaineers and has numerous subsidiary peaks and ridges.

3. Little Venice

via Serenapuosi.com
via Serenapuosi.com

If you can’t make it to the real Venice in Italy, why not visit Little Venice? This little slice of Italy can be found in London, though it could easily be mistaken for part of Amsterdam.

4. Royal Pavilion

via Brightonmuseums.org.uk
via Brightonmuseums.org.uk

Some might liken this ornate building to the Taj Mahal, but it’s actually the Royal Pavilion, a former royal residence located in Brighton.

5. Caenarfon Castle

via Wall.alphacoders.com
via Wall.alphacoders.com

Caefarnon Castle is a medieval fortress in north-west Wales that could easily be mistaken for something you’d see on a Mediterranean cruise.

6. Wasdale Valley

via Sallyscottages.co.uk
via Sallyscottages.co.uk

Part of Wasdale Valley’s main valley floor is covered by Wastwater, which is the deepest lake in England, and at the head of the valley is Scafell Pike, the highest peak in England.

7. Liverpool’s Chinatown

via Flickr.com
via Flickr.com

A slice of China, Liverpool’s Chinatown is notable for being Europe’s oldest Chinese community and is home to numerous Chinese businesses, shops and restaurants. It’s also home to the largest Chinese arch outside of China.

8. Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre

via Flickr.com
via Flickr.com

The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow could easily be mistaken for a certain famous opera house…

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