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Actors Who Really Can Dance

It is usually quite easy to spot an actor who is trying to dance. Most actors can be taught a few moves to get through whatever dance scene they have, but there are also those actors who really can dance. Some of these have started their careers as dancers and moved into acting. Others just seem to have a natural ability. Take a look at their moves and see what you think.

Channing Tatum

When you think about actors who really can dance it’s likely that Channing Tatum springs into your mind. From Step Up, where his dance moves catapulted him to stardom, to Magic Mike, which has women everywhere desperate to go to the movies, Tatum has shown time after time that his dancing is every bit as good as his acting.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is pretty much an all rounder. It seems there are very few things you can ask him to do that he can’t, and so it shouldn’t really be a shock that he can dig out his dancing shoes if he needs to.

Harry Shum Jr

Appearing on the Fox hit Glee allowed Harry Shum Jr to show off his incredible dance ability. Whilst he is an actor he is also a singer, songwriter, dancer and choreographer so it was almost certain that he would make the list easily.

Christopher Walken

Who remembers Christopher Walken’s dance moves in the Fatboy Slim music video? Well that wasn’t a one off. In fact Walken actually started out as a dancer before he moved into acting.

Antonio Banderas

The Latin vibe that Antonio Banderas has makes is not too surprising that he’s got moves. Even so, it was good to see his ballroom ability in Take the Lead.

Neil Patrick Harris

It kind of goes without saying that Neil Patrick Harris really can dance. He is a complete all round entertainer with amazing acting, singing an dancing skills. He has also won 3 Tony awards to demonstrate just how talented he is!

Patrick Swayze

Although he is no longer with us, no list of actors who can really dance would be complete without the ultimate ‘dirty dancer’. He may not have got on with his Dirty Dancing co-star but there is no denying their chemistry on the dance floor.

Hugh Jackman

Who knew that the man behind Wolverine really can dance? In fact he is a classically trained dancer and his jazz hands actually won him a Tony award for his moves in The Boy From Oz.

John Travolta

Travolta is famous for his dance moves and whilst they may not be as good as some of the others on this list, there is no denying that they are iconic!

Justin Timberlake

This one is a bit of a cheat as he is technically a singer as well as an actor. But he is still an actor and an amazing dancer so he deserves his place. Just check out his moves and you will see why!



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