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8 Of The Most Obscure Versions Of Monopoly Ever Made

Monopoly celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2015 and is still one of the world’s most popular board games. There are countless different editions of it and some are very popular, such as the standard version of course, as well as ones themed to popular IPs including World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and more. Then there are others, including the ones on this list, are quite obscure indeed. Check out these rare versions of the game – have you ever played any of them?

  1. Blackberry Monopoly

via Crackberry.com

No doubt there’ll be Monopoly games themed to iPhones and Android smartphones at some point or other!

2. Swindon Monopoly

via Anand.co.uk

This edition of Monopoly is sure to be a hit with people who live in Swindon – has anyone outside of Swindon actually bought it?

3. Alan Turing Monopoly

via Theverge.com

Alan Turing is widely credited as being the father of artificial intelligence and theoretical computer science. This rather obscure edition of Monopoly pays tribute to the famed computer scientist.

4. QVC Monopoly

via Show-gear.top

Who knew there’d be a Monopoly edition themed after everyone’s favourite daytime shopping channel?

5. Horse Lovers Monopoly

via Pinterest.co.uk

Hasbro decided to cater for horse enthusiasts with the release of this special equine-themed edition of the game. If you love looking at photos of different kinds of horse, you’ll love playing this version of the game.

6. Bass Fishing Monopoly

via Bonanza.com

If you’re a fan of bass fishing and the weather’s too bad, you can always stay inside and have a game of Bass Fishing Monopoly! Fishing enthusiasts are sure to love it.

7. Firefly Monopoly

via Usaopoly.com

Firefly lasted for just one series in 2002-2003 before being cancelled. It’s since gone on to gain quite the cult following and even launched the spin-off film Serenity. Its ongoing popularity led to the commissioning of this Firefly-branded Monopoly game.

8. Sunmaid Monopoly

via Lolwot.com

Sun-Maid is the world’s largest producer of raisins and dry fruits. Who knew there would ever be a Monopoly game themed after the Californian company?

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