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15 Storage Hacks for City Living

Storage hacks are great if you want everywhere to look tidier, neater, need extra space or just want to be a little more organised. There are hundreds of cleverly thought out alternatives to keep your house hold goods and keep everything neat and tidy. Here we have put together 15 great storage hacks for city living for you.

Under The Bed

It is such a simple place to store things, yet often very under used. Try using plastic boxes with wheels on so they are easy to pull, out from under the bed and you can store anything from shoes, to bed linen, to board games!

Corina_Stacking_Table_Set_CR943Table Stacking

There are tables available that can be neatly and fashionably stacked away, so you can cater for if you have guests and want a table in the middle of the room for nibbles or just a simple coffee table by the sofa.

bagAir Compress Bags

Use air compressed bags to store clothing that isn’t in regular use, in the smallest way possible. Once more, if you are keeping those clothes in the loft or garage then the bags will protect your clothes from any damage such as moths, damp or dust.

binBin In Cupboard

By keeping a lidded bin in a cupboard, there will be more space in the kitchen and it will look nicer, especially if you have an open plan kitchen/diner.

knifeholderMagnet Knives

Buy putting up a magnetic panel on a kitchen wall, you can put your metal kitchen utensils against it.

Mason-JarsMason Jars

Mason jars are extremely on trend, recyclable and modern. Once more, they can be used for pretty much anything you like! You could use them to store pegs, colouring pencils, marbles, pens, general stationary, plasters, batteries and so much more. Once more, they are pretty cool to serve drinks in.

pegPeg Board

Use a peg board to hang your pots and pans on the wall if you do not have any space within kitchen cupboards. This also looks contemporary and modern.

traditional-kitchenVertical Silverware

Store your cutlery vertically instead of horizontally, in order to have much more drawer space and this also looks tidier. This innovative idea means your draws will be more free to use for other kitchen goods.

hangersDouble Up On Hangers

Use can lids to hook extra hangers onto your existing hangers to make more use of your wardrobe space. This means you can get double as many clothes in, without it look too cluttered as they’re on different levels.

boxesPut Boxes In Drawers

This might sound counter-productive when trying to make more space, but actually this will make your drawers more organised, easier to keep tidy and neater. Which in turn means you will be optimising your space more productively. This can also be done very cheaply by simply using old shoe boxes.

wineWine Box

You can get cardboard wine carriers from most supermarkets for free and these make great shoe holders, which can then be neatly placed in a wardrobe.

accessories-cell-phone-charging-holder-1Charging Holder

When charging your phone, to save space and wires across the floor use a holder that keeps it neatly against the wall.

diy-ikea-modular-storage-1-500x666Modular Storage

This is when you have the freedom to get really creative and transform a room. The idea is you use different sized boxes stacked together to build wall storage extremely cheaply. This is modern, cheap and neat not to mention great for people that are renting and cannot build shelves on the walls.


Hang baskets on the inside of cupboards and doors to have a discrete way of storing goods. These could be decorated for a child’s room to keep lego in or use a mesh basket to keep cleaning product in, under the kitchen sink.

bdbc41aeaa94c42be3db321e7612710fHang Products

Make use of the pipes in your house, by hanging your cleaning products on them. In your kitchen and bathroom sinks, if you have visable piping underneath you can hang your cleaning sprays on them to make more space in the bottom of the cupboard.



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