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16 Reasons why Buffy was the Best Show on TV

It’s hard to believe that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was first on our screens in 1997 – it’s even been 12 years since the last episode!

Since then there’s been plenty of other supernatural drams on the television, but none have close to beating Buffy. Why, you ask? Well Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the best show on TV and here’s 16 reasons why Buffy was the best show on TV:

1. It had the best intro music

It was impossible not to hear this music and head bang along with it.

2. It had the best opening sequence

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The creepy looking guy leading the innocent looking blonde school girl into the deserted school building at night. She was nervous asking if there was anyone about – she was so going to die right? Wrong. She was the vampire and killed the guy. It was brilliantly refreshing.

3. The strong female characters

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The show was not only led by a super strong female lead who was destined to protect the world, but there were plenty of other strong female characters to inspire a generation of girls. Indeed it was generally the poor blokes like Giles and Xander who need saving.

4. It made girls want to grow up to be vampire slayers

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Rather than pop stars, girls were now inspired to be strong characters. Of course vampire slaying is a very tough business to get into…

5. It mixed high school drama with monsters

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There was dating, cute boys, shopping and all the cliques you’d expect in high school. Only this time there was supernatural activity too. Yes you had your cheerleader tryouts, but one of them also happened to be a witch out to kill the others to ensure she got on the team.

6. Buffy and Angel had the greatest love story

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It was poetic – a vampire with a soul and a vampire slayer in love. It was beautiful, we all wanted an Angel in our lives. That was until Angel lost his soul and went on a killing rampage resulting in Buffy killing him. He was brought back though (it was complicated) but left for L.A. as there relationship was too dangerous.

8. But Willow and Oz were also an amazing couple

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When quiet, geeky Willow found love with Oz fellow quiet, geeky girls across the world rejoiced. It was brilliant to see a character they related to find happiness and gave viewers hope for themselves.

9. Spike was the greatest character ever

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Bless him. He tried his best to kill the Slayer but it never worked. Then he fell in love with Buffy, got himself a soul and became part of the Scooby Gang. His humour in the show was execeptional.

10. It was scary

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It was all all teen drama and cute vampires, Buffy was also seriously scary. Remember Sid the dummy who attacked Buffy with a knife while she slept? Eeek.

11. But it was also really, really funny


Buffy always killed monster with an amusing pun, but she wasn’t the only funny character. The entire cast brought humour to the show that kept us giggling well after the credits.

12. It did make you cry though…

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When Buffy had to kill Angel to save the world seconds after his soul was returned, the death of Buffy’s mum, Tara’s death… there were some heartbreaking moments on Buffy. It made us love the show even more.

13. We all wanted to go to the Bronze and listen to bands

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The Bronze looked amazing. This cool club that everyone went to every night to listen to bands and dance. Sure lots of people died there but this was Sunnydale – people died everywhere.

14. The silent episode with The Gentlemen was immense

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They stole the voices of the town so you couldn’t scream for help when they murdered you – how terrifying is that? Floating around town looking dapper in their suits they could only be stopped by a scream. It was amazing seeing an entire episode with virtually no talking and the cast really pulled it off.

15. There was a musical episode


An episode where all our favourite characters spontaneously burst into song and dance? It should have been amazing. Instead it was exceptional. Buffy really could do no wrong.

16. We all wanted a Giles

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As Buffy’s Watcher, Giles was a somewhat father figure to the Slayer (and the rest of the gang). He have advice, knew just about everything and had wonderful British sarcasm. We love giles.

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