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8 Things About Apple You Never Knew

Apple is without a doubt one of the most successful and influential companies of all time. The first company to be valued at $700 billion, Apple has had a significant impact on the lives of millions thanks to its innovative technology.

  1. Questions Asked to Siri

siri secrets 2020
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It’s fun chatting with Siri, but everything you say to Siri is sent to Apple, where it’s stored and analysed.

2. Craziest iPhone Fan

craziest iphone addict
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A very keen fan started waiting outside the Apple store in Japan for the new iPhone 6 a total of seven months before its release date.

3. Apple And Taxes

creepy apple facts
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Apple has been using very sneaky tactics to avoid paying taxes. There are billions and billions of dollars in tax the company owes countries around the world.

4. Can You Smoke While on iPhone

does apple pay taxes
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If you smoke near your Apple device, this technically invalidates your warranty. If your device is damaged, it won’t be covered if the damage was done by smoke.

5. How Apple Got Its Name And Logo?

How Apple Got Its Name And Logo
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Ever wondered how Apple got its name? It’s simple really: Steve Jobs liked the fruit. In fact, he was a fruitarian at the time the company was founded.

6. Apple Products That Got Rejected

Apple Products That Got Rejected
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Not every Apple product has sold millions around the world. A case in point is the Lisa computer, which didn’t catch on when it released in 1983. It’s reported that over 2,000 of these computers were buried in a landfill site in Utah.

7. Apple Apps

via Mytecharena.com
via Mytecharena.com

Of all the 1.5 million apps available at the App Store, about 60% of these have never been downloaded.

8. Apple Merchandise 

via Mashable.com
via Mashable.com

Not wanting to just specialise in technology, Apple branched out and actually released its own clothing line in 1986. Some people today find the line quite trendy, believe it or not.


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