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A 15 Tips and Tricks Guide to Festival Life

It is now festival season and as the line ups are getting bigger and the weather is getting hotter, the same festival rules apply. Whether you are newbie to the festival scene or want to rejig your memory on festival tips then you’re at the right place. Here we have put together 15 tips and tricks for festival life.

Dry Shampoobatiste-new-look-01

Even if you cannot have showers, having dirty and greasy hair is not a good look. Pack a bottle of dry shampoo and this will keep your hair looking and feeling clean.

Old Clothes

plain-shirtsTry to wear old clothes or a cheap new wardrobe as you would not want your favourite pieces of clothing being spoilt, dirty, lost or stolen.

Welly Boots

wellyEven in dry weather, thousands of people walking round on a field is going to get muddy and mucky. Wear your welly boots and you will avoid getting dirty feet and spoilt sandals.

Face Wipes

Face-WipeFace wipes will be your festival best friend, all known as a portable shower! Where showers aren’t available, a face or wet wipe is the next best thing. Just give yourself a wipe and you will feel fresher and ready to go for that day.

Sun Cream


Although British weather might not be comparable to that of the Caribbean, pack a bottle of sun cream. There is nothing worse than laying in a sleeping bag with sore, burnt shoulders and back.



This may sounds pretty dull, but try to bring lots of water. You’ll find yourself using this more than expected – to drink, to wash yourself, willies and clothes, to cool down and the list goes on and on.

Battery Pack


In order not to lose your whole group because no one can get hold of you as your phone is out of battery, try buying a battery pack that you can get fully charged before set out.

Bigger Tent Than Needed


Where possible, choose a bigger tent than needed. Tents advertise for people only – not lots of luggage, food and drink. So a two man tent might not be big enough for just two of you.

Bright Tent – Idenify


In a field of thousands of tents, you could spend hours to find your festival retreat. Make your tent identifiable and decorate it in a way that you could recognise from a distance.

Gaffa Tape


Festivals combined with lots of drink does often equal accidents, which might involve someone falling into your tent. In order not to be watching the stars that night bring some gaffa tape and seal the tear up.

Don’t Lock Tent


If possible avoid locking your tent. This sounds slightly crazy but if you tent is locked it is more likely to look like there are things inside worth stealing and lets not lie you do not have to be a pro criminal to break into a tent.

Make Friends With Neighbours

Festivals are very social events, so make the first new friend with your neighbours. This is both great socially as you can spend mornings and evenings with them but also good froma  safety perspective as they can keep an eye out for your tent and visa versa.

Mac In A Sac


Despite a clear sky and sunny weather forecast, British weather can be very unpredictable so be prepared and bring a small mac in a sac. Although this is not the most fashionable choice of out ware, it is small, portable and quick to pop on.

Ear Plugs


These are a must, for when you’re partying is over  for the day it is likely others nights are still going strong. To avoid laying restlessly in your sleeping bag, invest in some ear plugs and be fresh faced for the next day’s line up.

Folding Chair


This may seem like a large to pack, unnecessary luxury but spending days sleeping on the ground, sitting on the ground and seeing nothing but grass, a folding chair will be a welcome relief and probably feel as comfy as a big squishy armchair.


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