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20 Sad Truths You Realise When You Turn 25 – It’s All Downhill from Here!

25 is a very important age – thanks to Adele and her new album title, we are all starting to realise this! But when the clock strikes twelve on your twenty-fifth birthday, you begin to ponder some very harsh realities:

You’ll never be in your early-twenties again. It’s all about the mid-twenties now.

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Half of your school friends are either married or have children.

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Your Facebook timeline only highlights this point!

Eating a Big Mac, fries and a strawberry milkshake really screws over your metabolism.

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Happy meals become crappy meals!

If you were to ever audition for the X Factor, you’d be in the ‘Overs’ category.

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Let’s face it, they never win!

It’s no longer acceptable to wear pigtail plaits.

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You’re the same age Britney Spears was when she had her public meltdown and shaved her hair off.

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If one of the biggest-selling music artists in the world has problems, what chance do we have???

When you’re filling out an online form, you’re no longer in the 18-24 age range.

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In 5 years, you’re going to be 30!!!

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*throws tantrum*

You’re old enough to ‘know better’.

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There’s really no blaming your ‘youth’ on anything anymore! 🙁

You actually look forward to seeing your family.

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You can no longer do an all-nighter without it messing up your sleep pattern for the next 12 months.

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Even the coffee and Red Bull doesn’t have the same affect as it used to!

You actually need a genuine reason to go out and get drunk.

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If it’s not a birthday party or leaving-do, you’re not going!

Hangovers REALLY suck!

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You’re no closer to understanding the meaning of life than you were at 18.

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Admit it, you thought you’d have it figured out by now!

Your hair is beginning to turn grey.

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“Hello Nice ‘n Easy! You will be my ally for the rest of my life!”

Anti-wrinkle cream is something you’re seriously considering investing in.

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You no longer fall over, you ‘have a fall’.

via gifrific.com
via gifrific.com

And even a little stumble can be pretty nasty!

You’re excited to receive cookware and scented candles for your birthday and Christmas.

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Novelty roulette drinking game? No thanks!

You now take your job seriously.

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There’s no time for watching cats on YouTube when there’s a promotion at stake!

You’ve been inhaling and exhaling air for a quarter of a century!!!

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We’re all ancient!!! :'(


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