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15 Facts About Mary Berry That You Didn’t Know

Mary Berry is the cake-making Queen of our televisions. She is the star of the Great British Bake Off and we all want her to invite us over for a slice of her famous cakes.

But did you know these facts about Mary Berry?

1. Mary Berry is 80!

facts about Mary Berry
via Telegraph.co.uk

She certainly doesn’t look or act it, but Mary Berry is indeed 80. Who says eating lots of cake is bad for you?!

2. She suffered from a life-threatening disease as a child

via Dailymail.com
via Dailymail.com

At the age of 13 Mary contracted Polio and had to spend 3 months in hospital. Although she overcame the disease she was left with a twisted spine and a weak left hand.

3. Her son was killed in a car accident

facts about mary berry
via Peoples.ru

Mary and and her husband Paul lost their son William when he was just 19 due to a car crash. Mary’s daughter Annabel was also is the car but was unharmed.

4. In her early 20’s she stayed in a grubby French hostel

facts about mary berry
via Reddit.com

Mary persuaded her boss at the time to send her to a prestigious cookery school in France. She stayed in a hostel and ate baguettes to save money.

5. She has marmite and toast every morning for breakfast

via Digitalspy.co.uk
via Digitalspy.co.uk

We suppose someone has to like marmite…

6. Her first job was showing people how to use their electric ovens

facts about mary berry
via Housetohome.co.uk

Mary worked for the Bath electricity board showroom who would send her to people’s houses in order to teach them how to use their new over. She would do this by demonstrating how to make a Victoria sponge in it.

7. She didn’t marry until she was 31

via Dailymail.co.uk
via Dailymail.co.uk

Marrying that late in her generation was considered very weird! Mary wanted to focus on her career first.

8. She’s not a feminist

via Thesun.co.uk
via Thesun.co.uk

Although she likes to stand up for woman, Mary says she’s definitely not a feminist. She likes having men around to help her with her jacket and doors.

9. Mary was a food journalist

facts about mary berry
via Marieclaire.com

In 1966 she became the food editor of Housewife magazine and from 1970 till 1973 she was the food editor of the Ideal Home magazine.

10. Mary has her own range of salad dressings and chutneys

facts about mary berry
via Tesco.com

Available in the likes of Tesco and Waitrose, Mary has various salad dressings and chutneys on sale. These include French herb dressing and Caesar salad.

11. She’s a fashion icon

facts about mary berry
via Twitter.com

Whatever she wears on Great British Bake Off has the tendency to sell out in the shops the next day!

12. She was the subject of a #999 call earlier this year

facts about mary berry
via Twitter.com

It wasn’t Mary Berry, but if we were being kidnapped we’d choose her to do it.

13. She has a Tumblr fan page dedicated to her eating food

facts about mary berry
via Tumblr.com

No, really! You can visit it here. 

14. At the age of 71 she went to her first Ibiza nightclub

facts about mary berry
via Theguardian.co.uk

She was over for a friend’s wedding when the baking superstar decided to visit the infamous Pacha. She seems to have been a bit shocked at the inhabitants lack of proper clothing.

15. She only got paid £162 per 60,000 books sold in the early days

facts about mary berry
via Thexpress.co.uk

But now Mary Berry is worth an estimated £15 million, which would buy a lot of cakes!

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