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Horrifying Short Urban Legend Films By Mashable Will Have you Scared for Hours

If you don’t what an Urban Legend is, it is basically one of those horror stories you’ve heard that at least someone you know has been through. These are classic stories that have been slightly changed throughout the years and have had many film adaptations, TV shows, books and much more influenced by them. Recently Mashable Studios decided to team up with Eli Roth’s Crypt TV to bring four of these brilliant Urban Legend stories to life in short clips. We thought they were so great and appropriate for Halloween that we decided to share them with you here.

Under the Bed

Mashable Studio’s first short horror movie was ‘Under The Bed’ which featured a woman left to sleep alone with her dog under the bed for the right. In the middle of the night, a noise wakes her and she reaches down to feel for her dog and something licks her hand. But it wasn’t her dog… This plays on many Urban Legends, the biggest one obviously being that people had to reach for anything under their bed in case something is under there waiting for them.

The Choosing Game

This is a classic Urban Legend that has been highly modernized by Mashable Studios here. In The Choosing Game, a boy is given a simple task, presumably on Facebook, of choosing between two of his current friends. He doesn’t know why, but he chooses. Later on, he finds out that unfortunately he’s caused that girl to die. Next he has to choose between his sister and his girlfriend… and he only has one minute remaining…

The Call

The Call is loosely based on the babysitter Urban Legend in which a girl is home alone babysitting and has put the kids to bed. Having tucked the kids away and gone back downstairs, she gets a call from a random stranger threatening to kill her. She takes it as a joke until she realizes the call is traced back up to the room that the kid(s) are sleeping in. It really sends a chill down your spine. If this Urban Legend interests you, there’s a 1979 film called When a Stranger Calls based on the tale, or a 2006 remake if you can’t stand old films.

The Clown

This is an Urban Legend based on the idea that two kids are left alone or with a babysitter once again and there’s something noticeable that stands out, usually some form of toy. One of the kids complains about the toy and so they ring up the parents and ask about the toy only to find out they’ve never owned such a toy. What possibly can it be then…

We hope you’ve enjoyed watching these clips and feel free to share this page around to get others to watch them too. However, if you want to watch them all at once, here’s an easy link to the playlist. Or if this has gotten your taste buds tingling for more urban legends, the film Urban Legend is super cheap on Amazon which features some high school kids who get killed by a killer reenacting a few of them.  Have a great Halloween!


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