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The Biggest Celebrity Feuds Of All Time

At the recent VMA’s, Nicki Minaj called out Miley Cyrus for comments she’d made about her in the press. Since then, neither of them have spoken about the event, but the internet has been going wild on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, mostly mocking Cyrus. Someone has even taken the the three words uttered by Minaj that have become somewhat of a catchphrase for the entire event (Miley, what’s good?) and remixed it into a song.

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It’s not odd for people in the music industry and celebrities in general to feud however, there having been many over the years. Here, we list just a few.

Elton John vs. Madonna

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There has been a long-running back and forth between these two stars with Elton throwing most of the insults.┬áIn 2012, John commented that Madonna didn’t have a “f***ing chance of winning” Best Original Song at the Golden Globe Awards. In the end she did beat him for the award and made comments backstage about how she hoped he’d move on from the whole thing. No doubt there’ll be more cross words said between the two at some point.

Charlie Sheen vs. Chuck Lorre

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Charlie Sheen’s “breakdown” was big news a few years ago, many of the rants regarding his new catchphrase “winning” and the contents of his blood leading to numerous television and radio interviews. There was wide-speculation about the number of substances the actor was ingesting and his check into rehab forced the show Two and a Half Men into hiatus. After he didn’t get better, he was sacked form the show and the creator, Lorre, made a joke about his health. Since then, Sheen has blasted him for various reasons, throwing many an insult his way. He will often take back these comments but it’s not long before he’s made yet another comment regarding Lorre.

Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell

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This is the longest running feud on this list, these two having swapped numerous insults over the past decade. The most recent one came when somebody asked Donald Trump about his previous comments on women which has been highly sexist and unpleasant, to which he responded “I didn’t say that about all women, I said it about Rosie O’Donnell.” Trump, being total charmer he is, then later commented that the woman who asked him the question was “bleeding from everywhere.” O’Donnell has also thrown insults in Trump’s direction, but she has certainly been far more level-headed in her comments throughout the whole debacle.

Lindsey Lohan vs. Michael Lohan

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The two Lohan’s have an ongoing dispute that has culminated in numerous public feuds such as Lindsey accusing Michael of selling details of her life to the media which she obviously takes as an invasion of her privacy. Lindsey has also accused her father of abusing her as a child, something he has denied.

Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim

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Another ongoing feud, these two were in the gossip columns a year ago when Kim dissed Minaj on a remix of a track that Minaj was originally rapping on. They’ve been taking potshots for years, the most famous being the track “Stupid Hoe.”

Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry

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Taylor Swift released a song last year that was a veiled diss at a frenemy which she only hinted at. Fans figured out that she was referring to Katy Perry, a feud that started when she hired a couple of backup dancers for her tour while they were still performing with Swift. Since then, there has been various comments made by others on twitter but the main two have stayed fairly silent on the matter.

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