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Artist Does Something Insane to Celebrities – What He Did Was Out of This World

Colombian artist Fulvio Obregon, AKA Fulaleo is the creator of these awesome illustrations of celebrities with their younger selves. Entitled Yo & Mi Otro Yo or “Me & My Other Me” the project features Mick Jagger, Steve Jobs and Al Pacino amongst other legends of music, film and technology, and shows us how far the cultural pioneers have come since their initial starting points. Take a look at Fulaleo’s amazing drawings below, which include a subtle or not so subtle reference to each innovators’ intriguing history.

Mick Jagger

Via facebook.com/Fulvio Alejandro
Via facebook.com/Fulvio Obregon

The lead singer and founding member of legendary rock band The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger’s career has spanned five decades. As a youngster he made his name as an icon of counterculture due to his drug-related arrests, on-stage antics and provocative song lyrics. Now 68-years-old, he is still one of the most popular and influential frontmen in the history of rock & roll. In Fulaleo’s depictions, the tattoo on the younger Jagger’s chest is an allusion to the Stone’s 1968 song Sympathy For The Devil, whereas the image of David Bowie on the older Jagger’s T-shirt may be a nod to his reported love affair with the musician during the seventies, or perhaps just a reference to their musical collaborations…

Michael Jackson

Via facebook.com/Fulvio Alejandro
Via facebook.com/Fulvio Obregon

Before his death in 2009 Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, and like Jagger he had a lengthy career which spanned four decades. The youngest son of the Jackson family, in Fulaleo’s illustrations the younger Michael is drawn from the singer’s time as a member of the Jackson 5, before he launched his solo career in 1971 and became one of the bestselling musicians of all time. The older drawing of Jackson is from the star’s later years, when he was the subject of multiple controversies including an addiction to plastic surgery and other mental health issues.

Paul McCartney

Via facebook.com/Fulvio Alejandro
Via facebook.com/Fulvio Obregon

English singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Paul McCartney is best known as a former member of The Beatles. In Fulaleo’s design, the younger McCartney is wearing a striped T-shirt with is a reference to the band’s song Michelle, which won the Grammy for song of the year in 1967. The older McCartney is wearing a shirt with an image of John Lennon, another former Beatle who was famously shot dead outside his New York City apartment in 1980.

Robert  De Niro

Via facebook.com/Fulvio Alejandro
Via facebook.com/Fulvio Obregon

Actor Robert De Niro has starred in over 90 films, but he best known for his role in the 1976 psychological drama Taxi Driver, in which the famous line “You talkin’ to me?” originated. The image on the younger De Niro’s shirt is a reference to the classic film, but also to the 2004 animated film Shark Tale, in which he voiced the shark/mob boss Don Lino.

Al Pacino

Via facebook.com/Fulvio Alejandro
Via facebook.com/Fulvio Obregon

Al Pacino is considered by many to be one of the greatest actors of all time, particularly since he is one of few performers to have won a competitive Oscar, an Emmy and a Tony Award, dubbed the “Triple Crown of Acting”. Despite playing a wide variety of parts throughout the last five decades, it was his turn as Tony Montana in 1983’s Scarface that is considered to be his defining role. Scarface can seen on the shirt of the younger Pacino in Fulaleo’s illustration, and the initials TM can also be seen on a dogtag around the elder version’s neck.

Steve Jobs

Via facebook.com/Fulvio Alejandro
Via facebook.com/Fulvio Obregon

American businessman Steve Jobs was best known as the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple. The quote on his T-shirt is a nod to the price difference between Apple products and their competitors, with many believing Apple users are paying for the brand name rather than quality.

Bill Gates

Via facebook.com/Fulvio Alejandro
Via facebook.com/Fulvio Obregon

American business magnate, computer programmer and inventor Bill Gates is widely known as the co-founder of Microsoft and an entrepreneur of the personal computer revolution. The quote on the dollar note the younger Gates is holding in Fulaleo’s drawing could be a reference to his “anti-competitive” business tactics, or conversely an allusion to his philanthropistic endeavours.

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