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Hottest Baby Names of 2019 – Find Out Which Suits Your New Arrivals

When you’re expecting, one of the most exciting things to do to is think about what you will call your baby! To this day, there are a wide variety of names to be inspired by, whether you’re after something traditional or more hipster and modern. While Liam and Emma will continue to be popular, we expect there will also be some more unusual names creeping up the baby name charts next year. Here are a few predictions based on recent trends:

For boys:

Rory – This lovely name has been creeping up the charts over the past few years. In 2015 it was the 69th most popular boy’s name – up by 18 places since 2014. It’s only fair that this name gets its time in the spotlight next year. It is of Irish and Scottish origin and it means ‘red haired king’.

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Theodore – Old-fashioned baby names are becoming more sought-after nowadays. Theo is already a well-established boy’s name, so we thought Theodore would be a nice alternative. That way it can always be shortened for more informal occasions. Theodore is a Greek name meaning ‘gift of god’.

Cooper – Baby names taken from surnames are always popular. Mason and Carter have been dominating the charts for the last few years, but 2016 is going to be all about Cooper. The name is hugely favoured in Australia, but is gradually catching on in the US and UK. It’s meaning is ‘barrel maker’.

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Jasper – It used to be considered as an upper-class name, but since it appeared in a few modern literary works, such as Stephanie Mayer’s Twilight, parents from all backgrounds are jumping on the Jasper bandwagon. It has Persian origins and the delightful meaning ‘bringer of treasure’.

Silas – In the past, this name was chosen for Biblical reasons due to it’s appearance in the New Testament. But in 2009 the name shot up 50 places, possibly due to it’s use in recent media sources such as The Da Vinci Code. In Spring 2015, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel named their son Silas, which is why we think it will be immensely popular in 2016.

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Felix – Felix has always been a wonderful sounding name, but for years many parents feared it because of that darned cat! It has since made appearances in Twilight, Spy Kids and The Hangover, so we think that in 2016, the feline will be well and truly put to bed. Now we all can enjoy Felix for it’s original Latin meaning of ‘happy and fortunate’.

For girls:

Heather – This flowery monkier was all the rage in the 70s and 80s, but for some reason it became less common when the 90s hit. We’re certain its due to make a comeback in 2016 due to our growing love for nature-inspired baby names. Heather is a plant that thrives even in harsh conditions.

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Sage – With gender-equality becoming such an important thing these days, it’s no wonder parents are opting for unisex baby names. Sage was originally a male-only name but it has become more popular for girls in the last five years. The name is French and means ‘wise one’.

Charlotte – We all know why this name is suddenly becoming more desirable. What a better way to honour your daughter than to name her after a Royal beauty? As expected, George had shot up the ranks after the Prince’s birth in 2013, but next year it’s all about the little princesses.

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Leia – With the new Star Wars movie out in just a few weeks, we’re bound to see a rise in Lukes and Leias next year. Leia is a gorgeous alternative to Leah and it means ‘child of heaven’ in Hawaii. How beautiful?

Ivy – Beyonce’s daughters name ‘Blue’ hasn’t quite caught on yet, but her middle name Ivy has struck a chord with parents in late years. The English name has two meanings; one being ‘faithfulness’ and the other meaning ‘climbing plant’, so it is versatile as well as pretty.

Olive – Actress Drew Barrymore is to thank for the rise in popularity of the name Olive. She named her daughter this in 2012 because she read in a book that her baby was “the size of an olive” and it just stuck! We think it’s an adorable take on the ever-admired Olivia.


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