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Do Actors Get Paid Far Too Much? We Answer Some Questions Here

The highest paid actors and actresses of 2017 so far were recently revealed. Mark Wahlberg was revealed as the highest earning actor, taking home a hefty $68 million, while Emma Stone was the highest earning actress thanks to her $26 million earnings. While the debate around male actors earning more than female actresses persists, let’s have a look at a broader issue: the fact that top actors and actresses are earning such huge multi-million dollar incomes. The question is, do actors get paid far too much?

Yes – their pay is ridiculous

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It’s important to remember that we’re only really talking about the top-end of earners in the acting industry. For every actor on a multi-million dollar salary, there are thousands upon thousands of up-and-coming actors hoping to make it, but struggling to get by in the mean time. So it’s not that acting as a profession is particularly well paid, it’s the select few who enjoy considerable amounts of success who are able to claim such high wages. But still, earning many millions for acting does seem to be quite ridiculous when you think that people like firefighters, doctors, nurses and teachers earn considerably less. Surely it can’t be right that some who acts as other people for a living can earn more in a few months than someone who saves lives will earn in their entire lifetime?

No – they deserve their pay

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On the other hand, you could well argue that the high pay actors typically receive is a result of the huge financial success of the industry they’re in. They’re paid so much simply because movie and TV studios can afford to pay them huge amounts of money.If a studio really wants a particular actress for a role and has a few million in the film’s budget to pay her, why not spend that few million on getting her to sign up? If a film is a runaway success and does really well at the box office, why shouldn’t those involved benefit from it financially? The film and TV industries are huge and it’s simply a consequence of this that some actors and actresses receive such huge pay.

What do you think?

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Many think that actors and actresses are overpaid, but so long as people keep watching TV shows and films, there will always be some big-name actors and actresses receiving huge amounts of pay. Some will argue it’s not fair, but then again some will argue that it just can’t be helped that pay is so over-inflated – after all, you can’t really blame actors and actresses for accepting huge pay. Who would turn down a few million for a few months of acting work?

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