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16 Inspirational Geeky Wedding Ideas for A Geeky Wedding

A wedding should celebrate who you are as a couple, and for some couples, a traditional white wedding just doesn’t cut it. Especially if you’re both massive geeks who love superheroes, sci fi, video games and everything in-between.

What you couples need is a geek-themed wedding! Need some ideas to get you started? Here are 16 of our favourite geeky wedding ideas:

1. Comic book flowers

Via Etsy

There are some great advantages to comic book flowers. Not only can you pick any comic franchise that you both love, but you can also make these flowers well in advance. This means you can both save some money by going DIY.

2.  Have a themed cake

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Weddings cakes don’t need to be all three tiered and white, break the mould with a fun geeky cake instead. Choose your favourite video game, tv show or comic and take it to your cake maker. They’ll love the challenge!

3. Or have a geeky wedding topper

Via Pinmig

If you aren’t quite brave enough for a fully geeky cake, why not add a geeky touch to a more traditional cake with your toppers? Lots of creatives on the likes of Etsy can make custom wedding cake toppers that turn you into your favourite characters. Why not be Batman and Catwoman for the day like the couple here.

4. Geeky wedding rings

Via Discover Geek

To be the ultimate geeky duo you need a geeky ring. There are many subtle designs that have undertones of geek. Take this Transformers Decepticon ring, which is both gorgeous and geeky.

5. Or at least have a geeky ring box

via Awesomeinventions

This Mario-inspired ring box is amazing. Imagine saying your vows and then taking a ring from this box! It could be redesigned for most games, depending on what your favourite is.

6. Lego chocolate favours

via Offbeatbride

For a Lego fan, what could be cuter than wedding favours which are little blocks of Lego made from chocolate. These are really easy to make yourself. All you need to do is pour melted chocolate into a Lego ice tray.

7. Geeky wedding shoes

via Pinterest.com

Who needs heels when you can have white Batman Converse which even say bride? These need to be custom made, but just think how comfy you’ll be. These will make for some great wedding photos too.

8. Or if you want heels…

via pinmig

Converse aren’t for everyone, and if you want some extra height, you’ll need some heels. Comic book heels are easy to DIY, all you need is some plain heels, old comics and special glue. You could even paint the soles blue for that added wedding feel.

9.  Geeky table names

via pinterest

To really get your guests involved in your geeky theme, get your tables named something fun. This comic-themed table plan is great for any Marvel/DC fan. You could even go a step further and theme your tables after that character.

10. Have a geeky signpost

Via Offbeatbride.com

A geeky signpost is the perfect way to incorporate lots of your favourite geek things. This sign nods to Game of Thrones, Peter Pan, Labyrinth and many more. It’s also a great way to get your guests reminiscing about their favourite shows and games.

11. A geeky pick and mix

via Pinterest.com

A pick and mix isn’t just a good idea for weddings with children present – the adults will adore it too. Why not add a geeky touch by naming the sweets after sweets from books like Harry Potter or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

12. Themed invitations/save the date cards

via Pinterest.com

Let your guests know just how geeky your wedding will be with themed invitations and/or save the date cards. These Game of Thrones inspired cards look amazing and will have have guests counting down the days till your wedding.

13. Have your wedding party join in

Via syfy

This geeky couple love Nightwing and Batgirl so they incorporated their colours into the bridesmaids and groomsmen. It looked awesome and made for great photos.

14. Take geeky photos

via Pinterest.com

All you need is a few DIY signs or props and you can have perfect geeky photos like this Doctor Who inspired photograph. Speak to your photographer about your ideas – they’ll have some great plans to ensure you get those shots you dreamed about.

15. Hire a geeky car

Via avignon

Why have a posh wedding car when you could have a DeLorean instead? This will definitely make your wedding stand out from the crowd.

16. Make everyone come in costume

via Laynecorban.wordpress.com

You don’t get much geekier than that!

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