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Indians Promoting Cow Urine In Hope To Treat NCOVID 19

A Hindu group hosted a party to drink cow urine and eat cow dung to cure coronavirus last Saturday. It is not restricted to a few members of the BJP party. Their activists in a huge number are hosting these parties when the world is making efforts to defeat the pandemic Coronavirus.

“According to UNO’s WHO there are many myths circulating around which are not true.” 

The chief of Hindu Mahasabba Akhil Bharat has been hosting cow dung eating and urine drinking parties continuously to ward off Coronavirus in New Delhi.

While some key members of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s extreme Hindu Nationalist Party strongly believe that cow’s urine and dung can protect people from NCOVID-19.
In India a massive number of Hindus consider cow as their religious animal. In many ways their practices are alien to the world which very much believes in science.

“We have been drinking cow urine for 21 years, we also take a bath in cow dung. We have never felt the need to consume English medicine,” said Om Prakash, one of the party attendees.

However, Suman Harpriya, who happens to be a legislator in the state of Assam, said during a lawmakers session telling about clinical uses of cows dung and urine “it can cure COVID-19.”

Assam BJP MLA Suman Haripriya said cow urine and dung may help cure coronavirus

However, the experts in India have repeatedly warning people of propaganda saying that all these so called traditional medicines cannot cure coronavirus or cancer.

“There is no scientific validation that any of these traditional medicines work to prevent coronavirus,” virologist and traditional medicine researcher Debprasad Chattopadhyay told Germany’s Deutsche Presse-Agentur news agency.

“Cow dung and urine are waste material, there is no test that validates or proves they are good for us,” he said.

While the Chief of the All India Hindu Union Chakrapani Maharaj was photographed while placing a spoon filled with cow urine on poster of Coronavirus. His party was found on the grounds to protect the rights of Hindu communities and religion.

Many photos from this event particularly were making waves across social media where various attendees were pouring urine into cups next to a poster that depicted photoshopped different Chinese people savoring on different animals.

Baba Ramdev, an influential yoga master and affluent business tycoon, founder of Pitanjali brand claims that applying two drops of sesame oil into the nostrils every day can cure coronavirus. February 22 he said “if you practice yoga, your immunity increases which can help save a person in case they are infected with the virus. If immunity is low, the person cannot be saved.”

Some Indians taking a bath in cow dung and urine to protect themselves from Coronavirus in the video below:

While the federal government’s authorized body who look over India’s traditional medicine systems issued a warning on January 29th saying that

“Making random claims around treatment or prevention of the coronavirus through cow dung or yoga is irresponsible, whether it comes from the government or anyone else,” said Anant Bhan, a researcher in bioethics and global health.

It is heartbreaking that while the world is still struggling to contain a pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives across the world, misleading unscientific methods are being used by some to capitalize on it for political and economic ends.

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