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Must Have Accessories For Fall

Now that the Fall has begun it is important to have the must have accessories and have the ultimate fashion statements. Here are some of those must have trends to look on point as the weather gets colder.

Check Scarf

Check or tartan scarves have made a strong comeback and are a staple classic for those cooler days. Whether you have a Burberry classic or a red check, all will look great.

via inthestyle.co.uk
via inthestyle.co.uk

Fur PomPom

Faux fur has stuck around for a few years now but the newest take on the fashionable fluff is to have it in the form of a pompom for your handbag. Bloggers are loving this style and it looks super cute.

via look.co.uk
via look.co.uk

Fur Stole

If check scarves aren’t your thing or you want a more glam look, then go for a full, thick and ulta soft faux fur stole! These are being seen on every cat walk and will be the perfect added piece to a plain coat or evening dress.

via tumblr.com
via tumblr.com

Fur Or Sheep Collar

Even men can’t escape the faux fur, so aim to find a jacket with a fur collar or a sheepy wool collar for added detail and a warm yet fashionable extra.

via pinterest.com
via pinterest.com

Man Bag

Yes, we’re being totally serious, the man bag is being brought out by loads of popular high street retailers and we think it should be embraced!

via riverisland.co.uk
via riverisland.co.uk


The perfect autumn sunnies include Dior inspired bar sunnies or a classic aviator for the gents. Choose softer colours like a rose gold or brown to keep them looking warm as the weather gets colder.

via yournextshoes.com
via yournextshoes.com

Blanket Cape

Blanket capes are the ultimate statement this season accessory, they’re so easy to throw on, pair with a belt and look completely effortless.

via stylesnatchershop.com
via stylesnatchershop.com

Smart Watch

Forget the Micheal Kors watches, the smart watches are officially the best statement this season. Whether it is the Apple watch or an Andriod alternative, they’re all pretty cool.

fall 2020 accessories-sh3g
via pocketnow.com

Minimal Phone Case

Minimal is modern, so keep it minimal on your phone will a marble style case. Or simple plain case that shows off the great looking handset underneath.

fall 2020 accessories
via lydiaelisemillen.com

Personalised Jewellery

All things personalised are always a yes, so try out initial earrings or letter jewellery, if you want to up your game choose a letter charm for Tiffany.

fall 2020 accessories-sh3wt
via notonthehighstreet.com


Statements are all in, big bold necklaces and heavy earrings are all the trend; try pairing it with a plain jumper or high neck dress.

fall 2020 accessories-gjw2s
via highfashionmagazine.com


Wear fringe or tassels on shoes, arms and definitely necklaces/bracelets. This look inspired by how we imagine red Indians has made its way into high fashion for fall.

best fall fashion statements
via pinterest.com

Elbow Gloves

This regal trend is making its way to the high street, so you can pretend to be a princess, be fashionable and have warm forearms!

fall clothing picks 2020
via pinterest.com


Whether its arm cuffs, ear cuffs, ring cuffs and wrist cuffs, big and chunky jewellery is a yes this fall.

via fashionisers.com
via fashionisers.com

Transfer Tattoo’s

Why pay through the roof for a tattoo that you might get bored of when you could pay a fraction of the price to wear a different tattoo weekly!

via shefinds.com
via shefinds.com


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