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Amazing Drinks We Think Should Be On The Starbucks Christmas 2019 Menu This Year

Starbucks never fail when it comes to making a delicious hot drink or creamy beverage but we think they could get a little more adventurous when it comes to a perfect Christmas menu drink! There are a few drinks that have somehow never been created and we think they’d be absolutely amazing if they would be put on the Starbucks Christmas 2019 Drinks Menu.

Mince Pie Frappacino

Everyone loves a mince pie, so why not make those fruity flavours into a frappe! The rich fruityness swirled through a creamy frappe and heaps of cream sounds like absolute seasonal perfection.

via virtuallyhomemade.com
via virtuallyhomemade.com

Yule Log Hot Chocolate

No Christmas would be complete without a Yule Log and mix those rich chocolately flavours together to create a perfectly intense, creamy hot chocolate. This would take a hot chocolate to a new level, not forgetting a huge dollop of cream and a flake.

via golbano.ie
via golbano.ie

Roast Dinner Soup Drink

Watch out Bovril, this one is for those savoury gravy lovers. When its Christmas people can’t get enough of the comfort food roast dinner so why not bring all those homely flavours together and create a hot, savoury drink.

via epicurious.com
via epicurious.com

Peppermint Candy Cane Tea

Look no further tea lovers, this twist to the traditional peppermint tea would be slightly sweeter and a lot prettier! Not to mention, bringing back those childhood memories or eating candy canes over the Christmas season.

via popsugar.com
via popsugar.com

Red Velvet Latte

This drink sounds exceptionally dreamy! Not only this, but this would be the showstopper of the bunch with an iconic red coloured drink covered in cream with red sparkly sprinkles on top… thank us later Starbucks!

via bigtrain.com
via bigtrain.com

Sweet Potato And Seasonal Spice Drink

Sometimes you might fancy a savoury option and we think it’s crazy that this hasn’t been created! We think walking round the Christmas markets would be amazing holding a hot cup of sweet potato and seasonal spices drink to really warm you up.

new starbucks drinks for christmas
via thewednesdaychef.com

Hot Christmas Pudding

Mix all those fruity and seasonal spice flavours with some hot, creamy milk and there you would have the ultimate Christmas drinks to top all the Christmas drinks! This one would be the ultimate crowd pleaser to all generations.

best christmas drinks
via snowsukey.com

White Chocolate And Caramel Frappuccino

Why has white chocolate and caramel never been combined? These are two of the most popular choices and we think if they were paired it would be the ultimate indulgent drink. Of course, this one would have to come with extra cream.

drinks to try christmas 2019
via tinaschic.com

Cranberry and Pomegranate Green Tea

If you want to stay slim to fit into that Christmas party dress and avoid piling on those seasonal pounds, then this hot drink would be the perfect choice! Cranberries are the berries of Christmas and the green tea will make you feel great.

starbucks christmas 2019 drinks -2020
via heartoftea.com

Christmas Cookie Mocha

Well, where do we start? Everything about this drink sounds perfect! Christmas is all about naughty food so why not make an indulgent mocha super festive with a shot of cookie flavoured syrup and a large helping of smooth, thick cream!

via pinterest.com
via pinterest.com

Apple And Cinnamon Tea

This is for all those tea lovers that feel left out when it comes to Christmas menus, and we think it would be delicious. This light drink would be hot and comforting as well as feeling super festive with the sweet spiceyness of the cinnamon.

starbucks christmas 2019 drinks -0sh3
via lovefood.com

Nutella Hot Chocolate or Mocha

Who doesn’t love Nutella? And Christmas is a time where everything is covered in rich chocolately goodness (or should be!) so this seems to be the perfect combination of the two. Plus this drink would go perfectly hand in hand with the recent Nutella cookie Starbucks recently brought to their stores.

starbucks christmas 2019 drinks -
via realmomkitchen.com


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