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Relentless Stages Of Any Selfie

Selfies has become rage of this era there are certain tips to take perfect selfies. C’mon, we all have to admit that we love to take a good selfie and love the likes and comments to follow when we have shared them with the whole of social media! However, these stunning snaps are hardly ever as effortless as we love for them to appear, in fact, they have probably taken hours or editing and some strange contorted positions in the process! Beware there are certain tips and tricks to snap perfect selfies and enjoy the new year 2020 ahead.


how to take perfect selfies 2020
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It’s all about getting that perfect lighting that will make you look FLAWLESS! Too bright and you will lose your main features (potentially good if you hate your nose) but too dark and you risk looking like Darth Vader and will struggle to see any feature. Trick is getting it the right lightness to look dewy and glowing.


tips for perfect selfies -2020
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Whether you point your camera up high basically above your head in order to get your freshly styled hair and cute outfit in or need it horizontal to your face to get a strong, bold selfie; we all have our angles. In fact, angles are so important it could be the difference between looking like Shrek or a Kardashian – take note!

Perfect Amount Of Pout

perfect pout tips - 2020
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This is always a struggle, you don’t want too much and to look like you are pulling an extreme duck face or the Kylie Jenner challenge gone wrong, but you also want enough to say hi look at my pouty lips.

Checking For Awkward Surroundings

via doseoffunny.com
via doseoffunny.com

Yes we are talking about those piles of Dominos boxes in the background or your nan peeking in on you and reflecting in the mirror. It is important to do those all important checks as you do not want the perfection of your selfie being overseen by the embarrassment of yesterday’s underwear on the floor!

Choosing From 250 Shots – Kim Kardashian reveals some basic tips for selfies.

via popsugar.com
via popsugar.com

There is no one that can take the perfect selfie within one shot, this just cannot be possible! Unless you are a Greek God, most of us take a fair amount of time taking many shots and then take some more time trying to choose which one is the winner!


filters for perfect selfies
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Should I look super tanned, is black and white the way forward or maybe I should just choose the good old trusty Valencia filter? This one is a tricky one because as much as using #nofilter is empowering, sometimes it just has to be done.

Air Brush

via sugarscape.com
via sugarscape.com

Now to make yourself look absolutely perfect. This is the crucial stage where if you overdo it, it can look way too fake but if you do not finish it will just look pretty bizarre.

Hitting Up Popular Hashtags

justin timberlake jimmy fallon fun
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Now comes the research element to a selfie, who said they were easy?! In order to get maximum likes, you need to carefully select the most popular hashtags and then let the Instagram likers do their thing!

Waiting Til It Hits Over 11 Likes

via thebolditalic.com
via thebolditalic.com

However, waiting until you hit over 11 likes is always the tensest part of any shameless selfie! Even worse if you have made the brave move to upload this particular shot as your new Facebook profile picture as it is now under double pressure to get the likes in!

Feeling Like Kim Kardashian

via xclusivetouch.co.uk
via xclusivetouch.co.uk

But once you have got those likes (even if one was your Nan) you feel like you are the ultimate selfie King or Queen! Watch out Kim Kardashian, the new selfie pro is coming through with nowhere near as many likes but double the skill! Soon you’ll be taking them all the time and everywhere.


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