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16 Things Leonardo DiCaprio Films Have Taught Us About Life

From Inception to Shutter Island, Leonardo DiCaprio has an impressive resume of films that have captivated audiences worldwide. With his new look compromising of a wise beard and hipster hats, perhaps it’s time to reflect on the many life lessons DiCpario has imparted in his epic film career.

1. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape- Leo taught us about the importance of family… and burgers.

whats eating gilbert grape
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2. Shutter Island- Important lesson here: It’s very hard to prove you’re not insane once your in a mental asylum.

leonardo dicaprio lessons
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3. The Great Gatsby- money can’t buy you happiness.

leos real life facts
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4. The Great Gatsby- The importance of letting go. Gatsby got a tad needy.

the great gatsby fun facts5. The Wolf of Wall Street- morally, it’s unacceptable to throw dwarves at a darts board… I feel like we knew that already, but Leo was just making it absolutely clear.

wolf of wallstreet facts 2020
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6. The Great Gatsby- calling people ‘old sport’ makes you instantly the coolest person in the room.

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7. The Wolf of Wall Street- People on Wall Street are highly strung to say the least. Eating live fish is a sign you’re over-worked.

leonardo personal life facts
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8. Titanic- Cruises are overrated.

titanic memes9. Marion Cotillard is as lethal as she is beautiful.

inceptions unknown facts
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10. The Departed- Trust no one.

leonardo departed facts

11. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape- hiding in a tree is the new best way to make up.

leonardo dicaprio childhood movies

12. The Wolf of Wall Street- Margot Robbie is the most attractive female in the world.

margot robbie best performances
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13. It’s only okay to wear a red and gold suit if you are a villain in a film. Never in real life.

leonardo and jamie fox faceoff
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14. Never trust an angry woman with water in her hand.

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15. Choose your friends wisely, they may have to bail you out at some stage!

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16. The ageing hipster look Leo has adopted is a sign of lots more wisdom to be imparted and lessons to learn…

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