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12 Items Of Clothing That Really Shouldn’t Exist

We all have that one picture that we really wish didn’t exist, chances are you’re wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Daddy’s Princess’ teamed with a pink ra-ra skirt and converse with diamantes on them. Some fashion trends really shouldn’t be followed, or at least certain items of clothing should be issued with instructions on how to wear them, when it’s acceptable, and a list of consequences that will be carried out should you not adhere to these stipulations. Here are 12 offending items which really shouldn’t exist…

1. Vests with air holes. You’re not a basketball player and you’re certainly not going to work up a sweat walking around this shopping centre. Ventilation is great, we all love ventilation, let’s not make it a fashion statement though.

Via funnymemes

2. Slogan T-Shirts. Never as cool as you think they are.

weird cloth designs 2020

3. Harem Pants- What are you hiding in all those swathes of fabric?!

very odd cloth designs

4. Jogging Bottoms when not exercising- Jogging bottoms are basically socially acceptable Pyjamas, yes there comfy, yes you’re on your ‘day off’, but they are sportswear. So get in the gym or get in some jeans.

cloth designs that should stop5. Flip Flops and board shorts in the rain/freezing cold. Only Australians can pull this off, the rest of us look as though were deliberately punishing ourselves.


6. Ripped Jeans. Controversial. I know there ‘so hot right now’, but I resent paying money for an item of clothing that is already partially destroyed. I am not paying you to make me look as though I fall over frequently.

memes about clothes7. Jeggings. Jeggings are not quite jeans and their not quite leggings. The confusions needs to end.

yoga pants memes8. Velcro shoes. Anyone over the age of 12 needs to understand that tying shoelaces is a fundamental skill, much like learning to swim or riding a bike.


9. Body-Con dresses. Making the vast majority of us feel inadequate.

worst tight clothes 202010. Glasses if you don’t need glasses. Yeah you, with your circular tortoiseshell rims, we see you.

11. Band badges. It was only cool to have ‘Green Day’ and ‘My Chemical Romance’ badges when you were in high school and trying desperately to be alternative. It isn’t anymore.

badgesandstickers12. Sunglasses when it’s not sunny. I don’t care that you have bags under your eyes or your eye-makeup went wrong this morning, you are not a celebrity and you’re only drawing more attention to yourself.

wearing glasses inside


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