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If Friends Was Set in 2019 Who Would Play Who?

Everything these days seems to be getting rebooted, whether it be old films or television shows it seems that reboots are more popular than actually thinking up new shows.

Now, we doubt anyone could ever reboot Friends (it’s far too much of a classic to touch) but what if it was getting rebooted? Who would play who:

1. Cara Delevingne as Phoebe Buffay

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Just like Phoebe, Cara Delevingne is gloriously odd. We can just imagine her singing Smelly Cat in Central Perk and adopting a family of pet rats. And she’s definitely the kind of person that would carry her brother’s triplets!

2. Chris Hemsworth as Joey Tribbiani

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If you’re going to pull as many woman as Joey Tribbiani then you need the looks to back it up. We’re pretty sure Chris Hemsworth can live up to Matt LeBlancs good looks. Plus we’ve already seen him acting a bit ditzy when he played Thor. We can certainly imagine him asking us “How you doin’?”!

3. Jennifer Lawrence as Rachel Green

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Straight off the bat, Jennifer Lawrence always has lovely hair. She could definitely be the creator of the next “Rachel” at your local hairdressers. But Jennifer Lawrence isn’t all pretty with nice hair, just like Rachel Green she’s smart, feisty and funny. She just needs a Ross…

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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No Friends reboot would be complete without the Ross and Rachel romance – but who would play alongside Jennifer Lawrence? Well we’d love to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt take on the role of our favourite dinosaur-lover. Gordon-Levitt is nerdy, funny and we’ve seen him take on heartbreak in 500 Days of Summer. He would be perfect.

5. Emma Stone as Monica Geller

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Monica Geller is kooky, fun and very obsessive. We’ll need a talented actress to take her on, which is why we think Emma Stone is perfect. We can just see her bringing the character of Monica to life – she’ll cook up a storm.

6. Andrew Garfield as Chandler Bing

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Any new Chandler Bing is going to need chemistry with Emma Stone, who better then than her real-life boyfriend Andrew Garfield? Plus we all know Andrew Garfield is hilarious. Matthew Perry left big sarcastic boots to kill, we think Garfield would be just the one to fill them. We’ll still never work out his job though…

Who would you cast in a Friends reboot?

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