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Why the Aston Martin DB5 Is Undeniably A James Bond Car

The Aston Martin Db5 is, without a doubt, a James Bond car and is certainly the most recognised car throughout the series that has car-enthusiast tingling at the toes whenever there are glimpses of it. The car has actually now been featured in the past two 007 films as it brings back the nostalgia of the older films.

via astonmartin.com
via astonmartin.com

The Aston Martin DB5 made its glorious debut in the 1964 film ‘Goldfinger’ which saw Sean Connery behind the wheel of the future-legendary car. At the time, the car was considered one of the best-looking cars in the world and really put Aston Martin on the map as the huge manufacturer and well-respected car designer they are today.

via astonmartin.com
via astonmartin.com

The DB5 returned in 1965 with a few more gadgets this time in ‘Thunderball’ The car now featured a rear-faced water canon and a boot-stowed jetpack. All gadgets that Bond obviously utilises throughout the time. In fact, the cars used were the same from ‘Goldfinger’ with a few modifications to obviously allow for the opening of the rear compartments for the “rear-faced water canon”.

via astonmartin.com
via astonmartin.com

The DB5 had to wait another 30 years before it got another appearance on the big screen. This time, it was Pierce Brosnan who was blessed with driving the legendary vehicle during his first outing in ‘Goldeneye’. The car was featured in a spectacular car chase which saw Bond being chased by the Ferrari F355, a much more modern vehicle.

via astonmartin.com
via astonmartin.com

The latest Bond, Daniel Craig, was the next to be featured in the vehicle in his debut 007 flick, Casino Royale which was received with huge critical acclaim and saw a new generation of James Bond.


Skyfall then featured the bond car too, with Daniel Craig actually getting to drive it this time. Unfortunately, during a heated shoot up at his old home, the DB5 is blown up, leaving many fans in the audience short of breath and reeling in horror. However, luckily the DB5 does make one more minor appearance right at the end of Spectre which has fans super excited once again. Whether we’ll ever see Bond have a car chase in the DB5 in any modern film is unlikely as the car could probably be caught up by anything better than a Fiat 500 these days.

via astonmartin.com
via astonmartin.com

However, we’re all safe in the knowledge that Aston Martin can still make absolutely stunning and beautiful pieces of machinery as shown in their latest masterpiece the Aston Martin DB10. This is their latest and greatest work of art that is without a doubt the best looking Aston Martin since the DB5, if not the best looking car in the world right now!


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