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What Would You Do Scenarios Open Your Eyes To Racial Tensions In America – #4 is Shocking!

The American television network runs a regular morning segment titled “What Would You Do.” In essence, it’s a hidden camera show that creates socially unjust situations with actors and captures the positive or negative reactions or ordinary bystanders. Although the set-ups can be contrived, they do reveal incredibly uncomfortable truths about racial tensions within American society, as well optimistic presentations of ordinary people who take a stand when they witness bigotry, racial profiling and social injustice. Without any question, these what would you do scenarios will definitely open your eyes to racial tensions in America at a moment in time when it’s never been more important to address the topic and introduce serious change.

“Father Of White Girl Rejects Black Boyfriend”

These social experiments often create a mixed bag of reactions from people who witness incredibly uncomfortable and bigoted situations. This particular set-up is no different, with the opinions of older American generations proving to be particularly shocking. Some of the comments they make are truly baffling.

“Muslim Woman Called A Terrorist”

In a small Texas town, many locals show their true and painfully racist colours when an actor playing a baker refuses to serve a muslim woman. During a time when racial tensions are at an all time high, these scenes are pretty disturbing. Thankfully, there are several onlookers who are understandably outraged by this unacceptable bigotry and stand up for the woman.


“Waitress Being Racist To Mother Of 8 Children”

In this particularly heated exchange, two different strangers band together in order to stand up to an actor pretending to be a waitress with wildly audacious and hateful assumptions about an African American family. When one of the women feels that the waitress has clearly crossed a line, things get particularly ugly.

“Racism In A High End Clothing Store”

This particular set-up is a strong comment on racial profiling within America, particularly within the clothing and retail industries. While a black actor looks over the high end store’s selection, he’s constantly harassed by security and even patted down at one point. We eventually get to see strong opinions from the European community in the states, as well as the African American community.


“Interracial Couple Faces Criticism”

In a barbershop in the heart of Harlem, this particular scenario turns the coin on its head and comments on black on white discrimination. The reactions and opinions that unfold in this particular clip are incredibly strong, eloquent and important, once again addressing issues of racial tension in America.

“People Stepping Up Against Racial Profiling In Arizona”

This scene sheds some light on people’s attitudes towards communities of Mexican decent in America’s state of Arizona. As a security guard actor harasses two mexican men and demands to see some identification or visas, a number of onlookers are quick to react with complete and utter disgust and stand up for the two guys.

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