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Beware! These 10 Views From The World’s Tallest Landmarks May Give You Acrophobia

You may have seen these buildings and landscapes in photos or even in person, but you’ve never seen them like this before. I’d suggest you put down whatever you’re eating before your scroll down because these first-person views may leave you feeling a little queasy, if not awe-stricken!

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Here is one person’s stunning, yet unnerving, perspective from the megatall skyscraper in the United Arab Emirates. It is currently the tallest building in the world, standing almost twice as tall as the Empire State Building (2,716.5 feet)!

via Courtesy of exdblog.com
via Courtesy of exdblog.com

Courtesy of travellingmoods.com

Eiffel Tower, France

You might have seen the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (from behind safety barriers), but you’ve never seen anything like this before. James Kingston, a professional climber and YouTuber, took this photo in November 2015 when he made his way to the top platform by climbing the framework without a harness!

Courtesy of badchix.com

Courtesy of wsj.com

Moscow State University, Russia

A group of insane Russian students dared to climb this 240-metre-high university without safety equipment. This photo shows one thrill-seeker taking a selfie on top of the building’s giant star. Rather him than us!

Courtesy of boredpanda.com

Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Haohan Qiao Bridge, China

This glass-bottomed suspension bridge (which translates as ‘Brave Man’s bridge) opened in Hunan, China on 29th September 2015. The  tourist attraction measures 590-feet-high and 984-feet-long and is presently the longest glass-bottom structure in the world. Here we see 100 utterly bonkers women doing yoga poses across it!

Courtesy of blogs.ft.com

Courtesy of cntraveler.com

5. Mount Hua, China

Mount Hua in Shaanxi province is home to the deadliest hike in the world. The narrow paths and steep ledges have contributed to a number of fatalities over the years. Why it even exists in the first place, we’ll never know, but here are a few brave (or crazy) walkers braving the trek.

Courtesy of boredpanda.com

Courtesy of wordpress.com

Mont Blanc, French Alps

If trekking across a 15,778 ft tall mountain wasn’t scary enough, tourists get to step inside a large glass box where there can experience the view of the French Alps in its entirety. On the second photo, you can see how high the box is compared to the rest of the peak. Yikes!

Courtesy of inhabitat.com

Courtesy of theguardian.com

Princess Tower, Dubai

Adrenaline junkie Alexander Remnev and his friend dared to snap a selfie on top of the 101 story building in Dubai. They chose not to use any safety gear on the 1350 ft tall structure, making them two of the most crackers men alive!

Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Courtesy of skyscrapercenter.com

Grand Canyon Skywalk, USA.

Arizona is home to the most famous steep-sided canyon in the world, but you’d have to have a strong stomach to brave the glass-bottomed Skywalk. If the glass happened to break (*touches all the wood*) you’d be facing a petrifying 700 foot drop!

Courtesy of openbuildings.com

Courtesy of nationalgeographic.com

Dachstein Viewing Platform, Czech Alps

Once you get over the sheer horror of standing on a glass platform over 3km high, you’ll notice how stunning the view from this glacier actually is! There is also a Skywalk that stretches across the mountain which is perfect to trek across during the summer months, as that’s when the hills really to life.

Courtesy of thecoolist.com

Courtesy of feel-planet.com

Tokyo Skytree, Japan

The Tokyo Skyree is one of the tallest towers in the world reaching 2080 feet tall. From the top of the structure, you’ll get a panoramic view of bustling Tokyo and you’ll even spot Mount Fuji in the distance!

Courtesy of myfancytips.com

Courtesy of telegraph.co.uk


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