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Everything You Need To Know About The New AR Game Ghostbusters World

When Pokemon Go came out of nowhere to become a worldwide craze in the summer of 2016, it was only a matter of time before other franchises launched augmented reality games of their own and same is going to happen in 2020. Ghostbusters is one of several franchises is going to release its new AR version in 2020, including Harry Potter and Jurassic World–to be augmented reality games. Ever fancied busting ghosts right in your neighbourhood? When Ghostbusters World in 2020 or sooner come out, you’ll be able to do just that – you won’t need to call any ghostbusters to help you get rid of pesky ghosts!

Game details

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So far, very few details about the game have been released. Its official website is online, though it currently offers a teaser trailer that doesn’t actually feature any in-game footage. The premise of the game is obviously that as you move around, various ghosts will appear and you’ll have to ‘bust’ them. Exactly how that will work remains to be seen.

The ghosts

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It’s been reported that the ghosts set to feature in the game will be pulled from all areas of the franchise, including the TV shows, films, video games and comic books. There will also be a number of brand new ghosts specially created just for this game. So far, there’s no telling just how many different ghosts are set to appear in the game; if Pokemon Go’s anything to go by, we can expect at least a hundred, with more being added to the game at later dates.

Release date and compatibility

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No release date for the game has been confirmed or hinted at as of yet. It seems likely that the publishers FourThirtyThree Inc., Sony Pictures Entertainment and Ghost Corps, will be aiming to have the game ready to launch just in time for summer. It’s been confirmed that the game will be available on both iOS and Android devices, though a full list of compatible devices hasn’t been released as of yet.

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