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These 11 Celebs Follow a Raw Vegan Lifestyle & Its The Secret to Their Beauty

The raw vegan diet has been a controversial topic for many years now and has become even more of an issue since an increased number of famous faces have taken it on. There are numerous reasons why people choose to eat only uncooked vegetables, fruits, nut and grains. First, there’s the assurance that you will consume all the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes without losing any nutrients due to cooking. Then, there’s the fact that it’s great for the environment since organic food reduces harmful chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. However, while some claim that raw veganism is a great way to cleanse the body, others state that it is a dangerous way to diet and that it leaves you feeling sick and malnourished. Even so, that hasn’t stopped these celebrities from trying it out:

1. Megan Fox

is megan fox vegan
Image TV Guide

The American beauty adopted a strict raw vegan diet for over a year, where she excluded sugar, dairy, coffee and grains (among other foods) from her daily eating plan. After losing a lot of weight, she decided that the diet was too restrictive so she began to introduce bread and sugar back into her system and now tries to maintain her curves by eating five small meals a day.

2. Madonna

is madonna vegan
Image thewindow.barneys.com

The Queen of Pop has been through many fads and trends during her long career, so it’s hardly a surprise she took on the raw vegan way of living. While not every part of her diet is raw, she mainly tries to eat a regimen of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and beans in place of meat, sugar and dairy. It has obviously done her well, seeing as she is turning 58 this year and could easily pass for her mid-40’s!

3. Woody Harrelson

woody harrelson vegan
via ctvnews.ca

The multi-talented actor takes his ethical vegan lifestyle very seriously, so much so that his famous ‘Twinkie’ in Zombieland had to be made out of cornmeal! He now co-owns the world’s first organic vegan restaurant known as the Sage Plant Based Bistro and Beer Garden in Los Angeles. He is also deeply passionate about animal rights and was named the ‘sexiest vegetarian celebrity’ by PETA in 2013.

4. Demi Moore

demi moore vegan
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup/REX/Shutterstock (9762044be)
Demi Moore
Comedy Central’s Roast of Bruce Willis, Show, Los Angeles, USA – 14 Jul 2018

At 53-years-old, Demi Moore revealed that the secret behind her stunning looks is thanks to Pilates, yoga and a raw vegan diet plan. Demi explained that eating only raw food makes her body feel nourished and “never hungry”, although some have mentioned that she looks “shockingly skinny” in recent years and could stand to gain some curves.

5. Scarlett Johansson

is scarlett johanasson vegan
via express.co.uk

Last year, the actress (who is known for her enviable hourglass figure) stated that she relied on a raw vegan diet to get her body into shape for her role as the Black Widow in The Avengers franchise. While it helped her lose the weight she wanted, she knew it wasn’t a healthy long-term option and began eating cooked food again when she became pregnant with baby Rose.

6. Sting

via variety.com

The lead singer of The Police has always been passionate about living an ethical lifestyle and has kept up a raw vegan dietary regime for a number of years now. This certainly explains why he looks at least fifteen years young than his actual age (which you’d never guess was 64)!

7. Alicia Silverstone

Photo Credit: Jonathan Shensa / PR Photos –
Via jta.org

She was one of the hottest female stars of the 90’s and 20 years later, she still looks gorgeous. Ms. Silverstone is a strong promoter of the raw vegan manner of living and caused a lot of controversy when she posted a video of herself feeding her baby boy mouth-to-mouth in a way to pass on nutrients.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow

Via Parade.com

She didn’t name her daughter Apple just because she thought it was cute! Gwyneth ensures that she and her children keep a nutritional diet of fruits and raw vegetable. Not only that, but she tries to reduce her carbon footprint in all aspects of her life, such as using a special clay toothpaste instead of your standard Colgate or Aquafresh.

9. Miranda Kerr

via hawtcelebs.com

Australian Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr asserts that the raw vegan food she eats is just as ‘satisfying’ as a carnivorous diet, and that the reason she keeps her figure in tact is because of a ‘natural, green lifestyle’. No one can deny that it’s not working. She looks fabulous!

10. Jason Mraz

jaron marz vegan
via maguzz.com

Jason Mraz is more than just a guy with a hat who can write and sing smooth, folk-pop hits. He also eats raw 75% of the time, claiming it helps him cope with his type 2 diabetes illness. He says that he still enjoys warm soup and roasted vegetables from time to time, so he gets the best of both worlds!

11. Venus Williams

is venus williams vegan

If you ever wondered how Venus Williams got to be the most successful female tennis player in the world, it’s partly thanks to her careful choice in food. During the tennis season, she adheres to a strict raw vegan meal plan to get her in perfect shape. When the season is over, she occasionally indulges in chicken and cooked fish in order to give her body much-needed protein.



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