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13 Ways You’re Accidentally Damaging Your Skin and How to Fix It

If you are doing these things then you need to quit doing them right now before its too beauty-late!

1. Sleeping with makeup on

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Forgetting to remove your makeup before bed, especially oil-based foundations can cause the pores on your skin to block which can lead to spots and enlarged pores. Try and wash your face thoroughly before you sleep, or at least keep a set a baby wipes by your bed so you can quickly remove all those products from your skin.

2. Too much coffee

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Coffee is great for waking you up, but unfortunately it’s not so kind to those skin follicles. Because it is highly acidic, it can mess up the hormones which may lead to acne. If you find you’re prone to spots, try giving up the coffee for a week and see if your skin improves.

3. Long hot showers

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Showering in very hot temperatures can wash away the skin’s protective oils, which can leave it feeling dry and itchy. Try turning down the heat or reduce the amount of time spent in the shower to fix this.

4. Chlorine

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While swimming is a wonderful activity, the harsh chemicals in chlorine can cause skin irritation. You can fix this by applying a waterproof sunscreen before you swim, and make sure you wash with a decent shower gel afterwards.

5. Spot-popping

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Picking or popping your pimples, as tempting as it can be, can lead to scarring and even more breakouts. The best thing to do is to lay off any facial products such as makeup and moisturizers until the spot heals.

6. Skipping meals

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Humans need a regular supply of nutrients to keep the body nourished — this includes our skin. If we constantly skip healthy, balanced meals, we’re depriving the skin of essential proteins and vitamins which leaves it looking less radiant.

7. Dehydration

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As with food, the skin also needs to stay hydrated. If you’re ever wondering how some people get that healthy glow, it is most likely because they’re drinking their eight glasses of water per day.

8. Wearing sunglasses

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Not many people realize that facial accessories such as sunglasses, regular glasses and even hats contain millions of bacteria that is harmful to the skin. To prevent this, be sure to clean your glasses regularly and always wash your face at the end of the day.

9. Hair products on the face

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10. Sugar

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11. Alcohol

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12. Lack of sleep

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13. Dirty bedding

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