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Photos of Top Supermodels Not Looking Their Best

Supermodels are presented to the public as being glamorous, trendy, fashionable and very good looking. But just like you and me, they have their off days when the pressure’s off and they don’t need to look so fabulous. We have seen supermodels looking their best but these are kind of worst photos or may be they are put in kind of situation where they did not expect the photographers. Either way, these are the worst top supermodels photos you will ever see.

Unfortunately for them, there’s always a camera ready to capture their not-so-perfect looks. To reassure yourself that even the world’s top supermodels are really just like us underneath all that make-up, check out these photos that capture supermodels not looking their best…

  1. Cara Delevingne – We can’t imagine this, only need to swallow the bare truth


2. Tyra Banks – Have you ever imagined seeing her like this.

via Stylesatlife.com

3. Naomi Campbell – This is probably ‘The Worst’ photo of Naomi as we all know how beautifully she is.

via Stiler.hu
via Stiler.hu

4. Kate Moss – Looking her worst precisely

via Celebswithoutmakeup.com

5. Claudia Schiffer – Do you think she is looking cute, I don’t

via Interestingstars.blog.cz

6. Heidi Klum – This is probably the only photo where we get to see her like this.

via Pinterest.com

7. Gisele Bundchen – What do you think?

via Flickr.com

8. Janice Dickinson – We literally can’t unsee it.

via Forum.dvdtalk.com

9. Adriana Lima – We need to swallow this as fans.

via Celebritieswithoutmakeup.com

10. Miranda Kerr – Her smile certainly beautify reels but this one is a surprise despite all that beauty.

via Withoutmakeup.org

11. Douetzen Kroes – She looks gorgeous even without make up but this time cameraman probably has gone too far. Aside from that, this is the only time we Douetzen’s like this.

via Moejackson.com

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