7 YouTube Channels For The Best Lets Plays


When it comes to Lets Plays, YouTube has become one of the very best places to watch them. Gaming videos have become an absolutely enormous hit for the online website, causing other sites such as Twitch.tv to really benefit from people wanting to watch others play games.

Therefore, we thought, if you’re either running out of channels to watch or looking for some of the very best to check out, we’ve curated a list of some of the best channels on YouTube for Lets Plays.

1. YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon

We’ll start off straight away with one of the biggest names in gaming on YouTube. They’re so big, that not only do they have their main channel, they’ve also got many other people who utilise the Yogscast name and combine to create a lot of great group content.

Check out their channel hereCheck out YOGSCAST Duncan hereCheck out YOGSCAST Rythian hereCheck out YOGSCAST Sjin hereCheck out YOGSCAST Hannah here, Check out YOGSCAST Kim here, Check out YOGSCAST Martyn here, Check out Sips here

2. LetsPlay

Now, this one is named perfectly and so just HAD to be on the list. If you’re looking for gaming videos that offer a lot of tips but also just a lot of funny and odd moments that have happened to the narrators during games, this channel is for you. They cover all sorts of games!

Check out the channel here

3. Jesse Cox

If you’re looking for a channel that prides itself on completing and getting a heck of a lot out of some of the bigger open-world games then Jesse Cox’s channel is certainly a name you should be looking at. He’s famous for having really got the most out Dragon Age Inquisition, Skyrim, The Witcher 3 and others!

Check out his channel here

4. iHasCupquake

If you’re looking for a gaming channel that offers up many more montages and a much more light-hearted and often feminine look on games, we’d definitely recommend iHasCupquake, she’s great! She covers a wide range of Indie games too now as well as some more well-known titles!

Check out her channel here

5. TheBajanCanadian

If you’re a big fan of MineCraft then we’d very much recommend checking TheBajanCanadian’s channel. He’s also a huge fan and has covered over 700 games of The Hunger Games survival maps in Minecraft on his channel which has really shot him to fame!

Check out his channel here

6. Stampylonghead

If you’re maybe looking for a YouTube channels that caters towards younger children more, then we’d definitely recommend stampylonghead. He’s a YouTuber who plays a lot of more child-based games such as Minecraft, Lego Hobbit, Disney Infinity and such. He also never curses which is great if you’re looking for a channel for your kids!

Check out his channel here

7. Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth originally got famous on YouTube MANY years ago by creating some of the very first Machinima videos. Machinima videos are any type of video that sees you create stories using in-game graphics. Rooster Teeth made their fame from the game Halo and have a playlist filled with over 250 episodes of 3 seasons of a series called Reb vs Blue, the two colours in Halo. Definitely worth a watch!

Check out their channel here