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9 Social Media Networks You’ve Never Heard Of

When you think of social media, you tend to think of the big mainstream networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and forget that there are several sites like Facebook, twitter and Tinder. But for every huge social media network with hundreds of millions of users, there are plenty of much smaller ones that are still fairly popular, but aren’t that well known. Here are just some of the many smaller social media networks you’ve never heard of.

  1.  Next Door

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via Snapmunk.com

The aim of this social media network is not to connect you with people around the world, but with people in your neighbourhood. It intends to bring communities together and help people get to know the people living nearby a bit better.

2. Chirp

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via Slideshare.net

The idea behind Chirp is that you send data (photos, videos and texts) through sound. Whatever you decide to send is encoded as a sound file; this can be played over any audio device and Chirp users in the vicinity will pick it up. Once connected to the internet, encoded files will become decoded and recipients will be able to view or hear the data in its original form.

3. Affluence

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via Digitaltrends.com

While more mainstream social media networks are open to everyone, Affluence isn’t. To become a member, you need to be a US dollar millionaire or have an annual income exceeding USD 200,000. The restrictive nature of this network is intentional; those who run it hope it will enable successful people to more easily make connections with other equally successful people.

4. Tout

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via Crazymikesapps.com

Tout is basically the Twitter of videos. It enables you to view videos and share them with others, though there’s a catch: each video is no more than 15 seconds in duration.

5. Meet Up

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via Boxlessmedia.com

As its name suggests, the aim of this social media network is to facilitate meet-ups. It’s all about bringing people with similar interests who live near each other together.

6. Ravelry

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via Knitsallfolks.com

There’s a social media network for everything these days, apparently there are many sites like facebook and tinder. This one is aimed at connecting those interested in knitting, crocheting, weaving and other similar activities.

7. DeviantArt

social network for artists
via Flaticon.com

If you’ve some paintings and other pieces of art you’re keen to share with others, try DeviantArt, the social media network for artists. Here you can share photos of your work with others.

8. REMCloud

share your dream stories
via Brandflakesforbreakfast.com

This is kind of one of secret social networks for people to share their dreams and offer interpretations on others’ dreams. The Dream Mosaic feature lets you input details of your dreams; this plots your dream on to a map of the world and lets you see what people all around the world have been dreaming.

9. Line For Heaven

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via Techtudo.com.br

A social media site aimed at Christians, Line For Heaven is unique in that it offers users the chance to take part in a virtual race to heaven! You complete various tasks and earn karma points to make your way up the divine ladder to heaven…



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