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Snapchats Faceswap Update Will Make Your Life Funnier!

The best thing to ever happen to snap chat was of course the filters! People go on daily to check out what crazy facial effect there will be or pretty hair piece will float above your head. It is fair to say amongst the most popular and entertaining filter has to be the face swap filter, which has been the cause of many a laugh, but there is a new contender that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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This new filter does not even require you to be with anyone else so if you’re super lonely you can still join in too! The newest Snapchat update introduced the evolution of face swapping with what can only be described as face plastering, by effectively plastering someone else’s face over yours. This morphing filter takes faces from your camera roll and gives you a row of options from your most recent pictures to attempt to match with your face and make you look like your friends, pet’s and family. However, this quickly caught on to print screen a picture of your favourite celeb and morph or plaster your their face over yours so for just a moment in time you could imagine being a Kardashian, Beyonce or Leonardo DiCaprio!

via huffingtonpost.com
via huffingtonpost.com

People are even taking it as far as taking a celebs face over theirs and singing along to their music or lip syncing to their iconic movie scenes, which is actually pretty hilarious when watching people’s snap chat stories! However, the reason people are so excited about it basically is because we all secretly wish we looked like someone else or had their nose, eyes or hair so now is actually the first time you can see what you really would look like as a celebrity or the different gender! This really does show just why snap chat is one of the most popular social media apps of today and is a cool way just to have fun online rather than all the poses on Instagram and countless mindless videos all over Facebook! This is light hearted and everyone seems to be jumping on board!


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