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What Are The Critics Saying About Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

So we don’t know if you’ve heard but the new Star Wars film is out? The Force Awakens? Heard of it? Well, yeah, we’re almost certain you have. But, is the film actually any good? Is this a trilogy that Star Wars fans and movie goers should be excited about the future of, or is it a franchise that is dead and they should have stopped a long time ago. Well, we’re beyond pleased to say that the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens films has been greeted with huge praise from critics who saying that it brings back to the true feeling of the classic films and makes everything right within the modern era of Star Wars again (we’re looking at you prequels).

So anyway, how did the critics rate it. We’re going to have a look at some of the comments of the bigger reviewers out there to let you know what your favorite publication thinks of the film.

IMDB – 9.0

via imdb.com
via imdb.com

IMDB is a website that curates critics reviews from all sources and from fan reviews on the website too, giving a score that not only reflects te technical quality of the film but the fans reaction too. In their case, it currently has a 9.0 after over 25,000 reviews. We expect for this to go down a few points but that will still leave it way up there with the original A New Hope rating which clearly suggests good things.

Rotten Tomatoes – 95% Tomatometer/ 92% Audience Score

via rottentomatoes.com
via rottentomatoes.com

One thing that all movie producers, directors, and actors want to know is whether their movie is certified ‘Fresh’ on Rotten Tomatoes. Everyone involved with the new Star Wars film can truly sit back and be feel extremely happy here. Overall, Rotten Tomatoes has given Star Wars: The Force Awakens a 95% Fresh rating, making it not only one of the highest films of the year but one of the highest rated Star Wars films too. Very impressive.

The Guardian – 5/5 Stars

via theguardian.com
via theguardian.com

One of the biggest UK Publications is The Guardian who offer up all sorts of varied news, including reviews of some of the biggest media in the country. They’ve given the film an incredible 5/5 star rating, calling the film “a spectacular homecoming” and commenting that “JJ Abrams banishes memories of George Lucas’s prequels with this outrageously exciting and romantic return to a world you hadn’t realised you’d missed so much”. Great comments and a great score from The Guardian there.

Read the full review here

The Independent – 4/5 Stars

via independent.com
via independent.com

The Independent, another UK Publication has hailed the film as well, giving the latest Star Wars flick a 4/5 stars rating. Writer, Christopher Hooton claims that The Force Awakens “is the sequel you’re looking for”. His subtitle reads “It’s the texture. It just feels like Star Wars.” This is something all Star Wars fans of the original trilogy have wanted to hear, we wanted a Star Wars film that felt like the classic Star Wars, not the shiny new Prequels.

Read the full review here

The Verge

via theverge.com
via theverge.com

The Verge don’t exactly give a numbered or star rating when it comes to their reviews, however they do like to give plenty of priase to this film, that’s for sure. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has seen some great comments come from writer Bryan Bishop. He comments that “Without giving too much away, I will say The Force Awakens actually feels like Star Wars again, more so than any film since 1983.” and that “the film is a remarkable achievement: Abrams and his collaborators have made a movie that feels resoundingly fresh and new by paying tribute to a style and story that is decades old.” So all round good things to say here.

Read the full review here


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