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Everything We Know So Far About Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

It was announced in November of last year that an augmented reality mobile phone game called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was in development and would be released soon. Let’s face it, anything to do with Harry Potter becomes ridiculously popular, so chances are this game is going to be one of the highlights for many years to come. Here’s what we know about the game so far, though it isn’t much to be honest.

Who’s making it

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The game is actually going to be a collaboration between Niantic, the company behind Ingress and Pokemon Go, and Portkey Games, a recently established company that’s set to release numerous Potter-themed console and mobile games over the years. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be the third major title Niantic’s involved and the first for Portkey Games. It’s thought Niantic will provide the augmented reality platform and Portkey Games will handle everything else, such as the mechanics, design and look of the game.


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So far, nothing with regards to compatibility has been announced. However, it’s more than likely the game will be fully compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You should be able to play it on pretty much every kind of smartphone and tablet that runs on one of these two operating systems. Whether it will be compatible with any other operating systems is anyone’s guess.


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The core mechanics of the game are likely to be similar to Ingress and Pokemon Go. That is to say, you travel round the real world and interact with things to gain experience and level up. The game will almost certainly involve casting spells and maybe even travelling to real-world locations to pick up artefacts and items – some have speculated we could see magical creatures and dark wizards and witches pop up in the game as well. Some even think the game will have you use your phone like a wand to perform certain in-game actions. Could there be duels as well? What about enemies that require multiple players to be beaten? Only time will tell.

Release date

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The game doesn’t have an official release date as of yet. All we know is that it’s definitely getting released some time this year. Summertime is a safe bet – no doubt the makers will want to capitalise on the summer holidays and get people playing while they’re off from school and university. No doubt over the next few months more details about the game will be released, then when the actual game itself comes out, expect to see people playing it everywhere.

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