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6 Super Cool Ways To Get A Flawless Tan On A Budget

If you struggle to get a natural tan and want to avoid sun beds due to be super dangerous, then the best way to get that sun-kissed look is to turn to the false stuff, but there is no reason anyone should know! Forget those streaky lines and orange palms and say hello to being beautifully bronzed. Here is how to get a flawless tan on a budget! First things first, for the best results tan on clean, exfoliated skin that has no products on it including deodorant, perfume and moisturiser as this will effect the application.

Home Spray Tans

via eBay.com
via eBay.com

Spray tans are expensive to get regularly when they only last around 5-7 days, however, why not try and do your own at home? You can buy mini spray tan spray guns for under £10 and they often come with the tanning solution in the same set! This ensures a perfect air brushed effect that looks as good as a natural tan!

Mousse Serums

via Pinterest. com
via Pinterest. com

There are loads of mousse serums on the market which often scare people due to seeing the disaster tan’s that come out streaky or even green but this is all down to application and preparation! Tan’s can appear green when reacting with lotions or perfumes already on the skin, so to avoid this just apply straight after a shower. As for looking like a zebra, use a tanning mitt which has a large and soft surface area and applies in circular motions.

Gel Serums

via fakebake.com
via fakebake.com

This works the exact same as a mousse tan, with the same rules applying too! People sometimes opt for the gels because they are easier to apply but this is all about preference.

Tinted Moisturisers

via telegraph.com
via telegraph.com

If you want a more gradual and subtle tan then head to the tinted moisturisers, this is basically a win-win as you will be getting a tan whilst applying moisturiser! Eventually, it will build up and look fab! Warning, always remember to wash your hands after applying if not using a mitt to avoid orange palms!

Dry Oils

via thebodyshop.com
via thebodyshop.com

Dry oils are for a fast tan to wear once and wash off! This is a great choice to apply before tanning too but this type of tan will give you a JLo style glow!

Spray Can Tan

via beautyinsider.com
via beautyinsider.com

This is basically an aerosol can that you spray over your face, neck and body and voila you are golden and tanned! A spray can tan means no need for mitts and super fast application.


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