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15 Weird Dream Stories that will Make you Wonder what the Hell goes on in People’s Heads

Nobody knows why we dream, and these bizarre dream stories definitely don’t make it any clearer. From giant talking guinea pigs to furniture shopping, the subconscious is a very strange place…

1) “There was a T-rex loose in the city and after a chase through the local Morrisons I ended up on top of a multi-story car park. I then lead a military team to try and capture the dinosaur. It was like being in a Hollywood film, just not quite so glamorous being in Lincoln.”

Adam, 24

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2) “I was walking around the farm where my grandma and grandad used to live and I somehow made the realisation I could float. I jumped in the air and found myself levitating which was fun, although I could only fly a couple of centimetres from the ground so it was a bit pointless.”

Lewis, 24

3) “When I was younger I had a recurring nightmare where aliens kidnapped my mum, shrunk her and took her into the wall-mounted gas fire in the second living room.”

Luke, 24

Bart Simpson
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4) “One of my earliest memories is having a dream where I was in the back of a car. My mum and dad were driving me through my village, and then all of a sudden they parked the car on the side of the street. As I sat in the back waiting for them to return the car suddenly started up and began speeding down the road. I sat in the back terrified until I said to myself ‘get me out of this stupid dream’ and woke up!”

Ted, 24

5) “One time I dreamt that I was falling from a really tall building, which is common. But when I woke up I was lying on the pavement…”

Brian, 24


6) “I never usually remember them, but I had a classic one ages ago where I met former French President Nicholas Sarkozy. He was just wandering around the tiny Lincolnshire village I live in. Nothing really happened, we just had a nice chat.”

Dave, 25

7) “Ever had one of those dreams where you still think you’re awake? When in the day you have had something on your mind, and you go to bed thinking about it and carry those thoughts into dreamland? Well I was thinking about buying furniture, and in my dream it was everywhere and all around me. I began to climb until I reached the top, and I woke with the feeling of falling. My friend said I’m nesting, I think I’m going mad.”

Bex, 24

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8) “I once dreamt that my housemate cut out the page of my passport with my face on it whilst I was wandering around HMV, and then for some reason I ended up on a remote island where I was chased up a cliff face by a large dinosaur. The psychological implications are nigh-on boundless.”

Harry, 25

9) “When I was about five or six years old I had a horrifically vivid nightmare that I was being chased by the alien from the film franchise. When I woke up in the night after the nightmare, I saw something move in the bed opposite me. I was terrified. Then I realised it was my Mum. Oops.”

Ashleigh, 20

Courtesy of Tumblr.com
Courtesy of Tumblr.com

10) “I used to dream about being a Clanger…does that count?”

James, 44

11) “Sometimes I dream about my guinea pig, except he’s massive, like HUGE. And he can talk – his voice is really high-pitched. In the dream I’m always scared he’ll eat me, but he just squeaks and tells me he wants spinach…”

Chelsie, 24

Guinea Pig

12) “I was waiting in the queue to get into a circus and Ricky Gervais was the ticket man. I ran out of ‘gold coins’ so I asked him if he would let me in for free. He winked at me and told me I could get in for free if I did some somersaults. So I somersaulted over some big tall trees and my legs were like, bendy. Like Inspector Gadget or something.”

Sarah, 25

13) “I once dreamt my flat was full of penguins.”

Kerry, 32

Courtesy of Tumblr.com
Courtesy of Tumblr.com

14) “I was in my garden having a penalty shoot out with Pele. Even though he is now really old he still beat me. I eventually got frustrated and ran away.”

Steve, 26

15) “When I was little I used to dream my nan was a zombie, and she’d chase me around a graveyard with a bunch of other dead people. I was scared of her for years afterwards”

Ellie, 25

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So there you have it folks. The only solution is clearly to NEVER SLEEP AGAIN.

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